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By rbrown ·
Hi Folks,
Windows Network
I have a server (A, win 2K) which acts as a print server. This server has a printer management application running on it, which monitors the spooler. I have a printer defined there, called Info Tech, which points to an IP address for the printer.

I have another server (B, win 2k). When I add a printer on B, and reference the Info Tech printer defined on A, the name that is assigned is "Info Tech on A".

On server B, I have an application that will not accept spaces in the printer name. In the past, we handled this by creating a printer definition that pointed directly to the printer ip address. Now, we want to take advantage of the printer management application, which requires the print jobs to go thru the spooler on server A.

Is there a way to rename the printer on server B? If I could change it to InfoTech, that would solve the problem. If I can't rename the printer, could I do something with 'netuse' to use the printer defined on A, from B?

thanx for your help,

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by jpomposelli In reply to printer aliases

I am not sure if this will work. However, I recently was having an issue with a legacy program running on new XP machines using a shared printer on the network. There was an issue with capturing the printer port (lpt1).

Below is what I did:
net use lpt1 \\server\printer /persistent:yes

You may be able to use something like this:
net use techA \\ServerA\Tech /persistent:yes

I was have a little of an issue with the persistence part. Therefore I made it into a batch file that runs on start up.

I hope this helps.

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