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Printer Auditing software that makes copies of print jobs?

By Mikael310 ·
The company I work for is working on security compliance standards for the Payment Card Industry (PCI) - to work with companies such as VISA, MC, etc. My task is to manage our network printers from a Win 2K3 print server which will be able to audit and report on any and all print activity for ~20 Dell/HP printers/~700 users. Specifically, we need to know who (username) printed exactly what, when (date/time), where (hostname), and how. Suggestions? What about an application that will actually save a blind copy of the print jobs as they are printed, behind the scenes - possibly to a network share? Cost is no barrier!

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Maybe this

by AV . In reply to Printer Auditing software ...

I work at a law firm and we use Equitrac. It is customizable and will keep track of any networked print jobs, copy jobs or faxes. Costs can be charged back to a department or client.

There are detailed reports included. You can make custom reports. It makes it impossible to override the system because a username and other pertinent information is required to print, copy or fax. We dump the results into our billing system.

Equitrac doesn't keep track of the actual text of the document but it can be customized to require a username, document type, etc., whatever you want.

Another program to consider is Imanage (now Interwoven). Its a document management system that is easily integrated with Equitrac. Imanage runs on an SQL database. It has detailed history logs, versioning, etc. of every document. Even if someone viewed a document it is recorded in the history. There are no backdoors in the system, so a user can't get at the actual document without going through the program.

Imanage is pretty pricey so its a good thing that cost is no barrier. Equitrac is more moderately priced. Equitrac has only one competitor, but I'm not sure what the name of the company is.

Maybe you can find the solution you're looking for between these 2 pieces of software.
I've used them both for about 8 years and have been very happy with them.

Good luck in your search.

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