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Printer drivers for Vista on W2K3 Server

By Sailing_Nut ·
I'm very much a newbie with W2K3 server. I just upgraded one of the machines
on my network to Windows Vista and now I can not get that workstation to
recognize the printers attached to my W2K3 server. It keeps on telling me
that the server does not have the right driver.

I have two questions on how to fix this problem. First off what it the
procedure for putting a Vista print driver on the server so that the client
can print?

Second, how do I load a driver that's bundled with Vista onto the server? (I
can't find a Vista download for my DeskJet 5550 on the HP site. It just says
that it's included in Vista.)

Thanks in advance!

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by CG IT In reply to Printer drivers for Vista ...

that does pose quite a problem. Not sure what HP was thinking when they don't allow a driver download but...

what I would do is attach the printer to your Vista computer and then share it that way.

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by Sailing_Nut In reply to well

That's a possible solution, but not really how I wanted things to work.

It seems to me that the server is the best box for doing the printer sharing.

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if it's Active Directory

by CG IT In reply to Possible

doesn't matter where the printer is, but if a LOT of users are going to use that one printer, then you probably are right about using the server.

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Now it's personal

by Sailing_Nut In reply to if it's Active Directory

At this point, it's more of a challenge to get it working with W2K3!

I have a ticket open with HP to see if I can download the drivers.

Next trick will be to figure out how to get them on the server so Vista and the server are happy

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I don't think HP thought that far forward

by CG IT In reply to Now it's personal

in that Vista drivers work and are compatible with XP or W2003 server.

That's the problem with Vista right now. Many Vista drivers work with Vista but those same Vista drivers aren't compatible with XP or W2003 server O/Ss. If you plug in the damn plug and play printer into W2003 server , it'll work on W2003 server with XP drivers but will not work on Vista with W2003 drivers. You need a share folder with Vista drivers in it for Vista O/S when Vista connects to the shared printer on W2003 server and tries to install it.

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Dump Vista and stick with XP for now

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Printer drivers for Vista ...

You will live happier and have less of a mess finding device drivers.

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why oh why

by flip-flop-flam In reply to Dump Vista and stick with ...

Why do people feel they must reply with a don't use this software answer?
Obviously this person needs to use Vista or they wouldn't be asking for help.
If you don't have a useful answer, keep your useless comments to yourself.

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Possible problem with pdf writers

by mmoriarty In reply to Printer drivers for Vista ...

I just installed Vista Business and could not access any of my printers on the network. After a bit a research from other forums found that the fault was due to a couple of free pdf writers I had installed (Primopdf and Nitropdf). You might have a pdf writer that is causing the problem. Worth a try it solved my problem.

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Vista driver on server

by bfinney In reply to Printer drivers for Vista ...

Did you ever get the vista driver to install on the 2003 print server

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Used a different solution

by Sailing_Nut In reply to Vista driver on server

I added the printer as a local printer and then added a new local port and pointed it to the UNC name of the printer.

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