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    Printer Drivers


    by hearts1561 ·

    We are using third party software that requires forms to be printed. We are not able to change the settings on the forms or change the fonts because the forms are then not readable. The forms cut off on the left and at the bottom of the page if we don’t use HP Laser Jet III drivers. Is there a Universal driver that can be used with different types of 3rd party applications. Since the Laser jet III’s are no longer supported.

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      by johnmaxy ·

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      you still might find the right driver at w

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      by budthegrey ·

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      Not sure I understand the issue. Windows still ships with the “older” LaserJet drivers, and most laser printers are backward compatible, PCL-wise.

      The best course may be to install a different printer, using the LJ3 driver but poiting to your real printer, for printing forms. That way, you can use the ‘original’ print driver from most apps and don’t loose any functionaility (1200dpi, color, whatever).

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