printer installation

By ez4j ·
i have a epson c42ux printer that my dell latitude c840 will not see in my usb port this printer and cable works good on all my other computer and i have check with epson and they said check dell but they don't talk out of warrenty the computer see something in the port but won't see the printer?

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Does the port...

by NaughtyMonkey In reply to printer installation

work at all with other devices?

Try installing the driver first and plug it in after.

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by ez4j In reply to Does the port...

yes there is two usb ports they work
with my camera,memory stick,and
everything else so far when i plug the printer
in the computer see something there
but can,t find it i've went through
dell and epson and they can't find the
problem its as if something is blocking
that port for printers. ive tried another
printer and the same thing

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USB Printer Installations and Windows 2000 / XP

by MiamiPCTech In reply to printer installation

ez4j, your problem is actually very common and very predominant among HP products and all-in-ones overall. Most people do not follow directions provided by manufacturer or keep them after they have successfully installed the product once... but down the road it bites you in the bxtt!

Ok. Here is what I believer you need to do.
1) Remove the software for the printer using add/remove software from the control panel or sometimes there is an uninstall wizard within the program files container.

2) From the device manager remove all USB port references (don't worry these will be reinstall upon reboot with no problem). In addition delete any virtual ports (IEEE, LPT, etc)

3) Disconnect USB cable from computer and power printer off.

4) REBOOT (very important, don't skip this step)

5) Install the software and wait until you are prompted to connect the printer (if not prompted, finish install reboot, and then connect printer after powering it on first)

6) If this does not work for you trying using the LPT parallel port if your printer has one or even a wireless connection if applicable.

I believe this should take care of it for most USB problematic printers.

God Bless, Ed

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didn t work

by ez4j In reply to USB Printer Installations ...

i tried this many times and no
when i plug the printers in it doesn t see
anything in that usb port . the
instant i put in a memory stick, camera
or anyother device right away these
printers work good on all my other
computers through the usb port not the

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