Printer is not responding in Word

By ephraimjobin ·
Printer is not responding in Word some times.
"The printer has not yet responded, but the MS office program may be able to proceed without printer information." This is the error message I'm getting.

when I delete files from my spool folder everything will work for couplde of days and again back to the problem.

Thanks in Advance

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Try this out and see if it will fix the printing issue..

* Some printers will allow you to redirect the temporary spool folder to another volume (disk or drive) that may have more space. If you have another volume with more space, this is the first thing to try.
* If your printer software won't let you change the location of the Spool Folder, and relocate it to another volume with more space, you can try placing an alias of the actual Spool Folder in place of the original, in an attempt to "fool" the printer into believing it is where it expects it to be.
o Locate your empty Spool Folder, note the exact name
o Copy it to another volume with more free space
o Delete the original Spool Folder
o Make an alias of the copied Spool Folder, and place it where the orignal folder was
o Make sure the name of the alias is exactly the same as the original
o Try your print job again (note: not all printer software will allow this method to work)
* If you can't relocate the Spool Folder to another volume with more free space, clear enough space on your Startup Volume by deleting unused files, deleting browser cache files, moving needed files to archive disks or other volumes, etc.
* If you can't clear enough space, you can try quitting all unneeded applications, and turning Virtual Memory off or retargeting VM (it shares the same disk as the Spool Folder by default). This will free up an amount of space at least equal to your physical RAM (memory).
* If you're still stuck, you can try printing just one or two pages at a time, which will make one spool file for each print-command you execute, and these individual files may be small enough to print.
* If all that doesn't work, you need a second and/or larger hard drive.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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