Printer Issues

By scottmiskowiak ·
I'm an IT-Computer Support Specialist student and I'm working as an intern at a professional office. My issue is that a user can't print letterheads to the printer. She can print regular documents to tray 2 on the printer, but not tray 3 which has letterhead paper in it. I've already tried updating the drivers and updates for the printer through windows update. All the other users don't have this problem. Could someone pass a possible solution?

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This will have to be done through the printer settings.....

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Printer Issues

Also, she might be blocked from using the other tray for the paper. If not then you will need to (if possible) delete the printer from her computer and then re-install it and then go through the printer settings. Another problem could be that two people can not use the same paper tray at the same time, so it defaults to the other tray.

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So little info

by Kenone In reply to Printer Issues

Is this a network printer? What kind? Is it through a print server? What about the other users? What happens when she tries to select tray 3? Is it a shared printer on a PC? Is tray 3 setup with a specific paper type? Can she select a paper type? As a computer Support Specialist you need to get details not just a general description of the symptoms.

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Yep I agree

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Printer Issues

With the dearth of information provided here you will have to open the Printer and set it up from there. For complete instructions you'll need to read the manual.


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