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Printer Maintenance Database

By robwaybro ·
I have looked and looked for some database that will help with printer maintenance.

What I am looking for is a database that will track all aspects of printer maintenance, specifically laser printers. It is my desire to be able to track cartridge replacements, with the number of pages printed when the cartridge was replaced, drum replacements, photo developers, oil bottles, waste toner bottles, as well as scheduled maintenance like general cleaning and service calls. With the number of printers in production in the world, I am really surprised I have not found anything, and I have been actively looking for well over a year.

It should also have a link to indicate what the supplies are for each printer as well, I am not looking for it to track inventory, but that could be useful as well.

There should be reports that would give the average number of pages per supply, exact number since last change, number of cartridges used in 'x' period of time and would be very beneficial to be able to schedule the maintenance period and have a projection of when the next service should occur.

I only have about a dozen network laser printers where I am now, but my last position I had almost 100 and tracking this by hand, or in a spreadsheet is rather labor intensive and prone to error.


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Well not a database.

by haileyan In reply to Printer Maintenance Datab ...

I simply put a sleev on the side of the printers. Whenevr toner was changed ot maintenance perfomred the card in the sleeve was updated with date and current page count.

If someone ever asked for a new printer knowing the pages per minute on the printer I could calculate how many pages per day on average they print. By the same token I could calculate what percentage of the 8 hour work day the printer spent in an idle state.

You get a better perspective on these issues. If someone printer on avarage is idle 90% of the day how can you justify buting a new printer.

The line between want and need becomes very clear and real.

A simple MS Access database would be easy to create but then you need to rely on the people to do data entry. If it is office service they wont care about your IT problem most of the time.

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