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    Printer not working on my Citrix system


    by dineshramgaikwad ·


    I have been using a Citrix virtual system and I have been unable to print. I checked the connections and the drivers and it seems all ok.

    Can anyone help me?

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      printer issue

      by extremeskillz ·

      In reply to Printer not working on my Citrix system

      Are you using printers assigned to your VM or printer redirection?

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      more details, please

      by ftadmin ·

      In reply to Printer not working on my Citrix system

      Telling us a bit more about your situation may be helpful. Such as: What kind of printer (laser, ink, thermal). Whether you are connecting over a VPN or only local. Etc.

      For example, if you are talking about a thermal printer, those can have very different issues over TS type connections, as opposed to ink or laser. Also working over a VPN can have issues, depending on how the client connection is setup and able to address remote resources. Is the printer on the remote side or is it on your side trying to print from the remote desktop? I’ve seen a case where the client can see everything on the remote side and their local printer is somehow mapped to the remote desktop, but the remote desktop was unable to send data back to their local printer due to NAT issues.

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