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Printer not working

By maggiectech ·
I have 2 printers connected to my computer. Both were working, now they are not. I have no icons to show that the printers have been added. I cannont add a printer as I get the message print spooler service not running.

I went to microsoft website to find answer and followed the directions to fix the spooler service, but it still does not work.

Wondering if trying a repair of XP will do it?

Any suggestions welcome.


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Boot into Safe Mode

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Printer not working

And then try running AV Scan and Mal Ware Scan to make sure that you have no infections before you do anything else.

If you don't have any Mal Ware Scanners you can download Ad Aware SE Personal from here


Spy Bot S&amp from here


Download install and update before rebooting into Safe Mode and then run the sans till they come up clean.

That just might save you a lot of time & effort. You'll have to use your existing AV Product and make sure that the Virus Definitions are up to date before you run it as well.


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re: boot safe mode

by maggiectech In reply to Boot into Safe Mode

I have AVG anti-virus, adaware, spybot and keep all up to date. Run all and keep machine clean. Have not come up with any infections, that I know of that would cause spooler to get corrupted. Was wondering if boot into xp cd would fix with repair?


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Done a Go Back?

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to re: boot safe mode

Have you tried a XP System Restore to a date prior to the time when the situation started occurring?

If so and the issue still remains.... are you getting any error messages when you try to set up the printers? Other than the message about the actual spooler. Any error numbers and accompanying text? If so what exactly and when?

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OK if nothing else works that has been posted here

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to re: boot safe mode

You can try a Repair or In place Install but remember that if you have Windows EFS in use you will destroy the Encryption Key and all the data stored on this computer will be useless so I would suggest that you back it up Unencrypted before proceeding any further.

If you have already backed up the encrypted Data you'll need to take a copy of the encryption key by following the directions here


Then once you have all your data safely backed up and have made sure that it's readable on a different computer you can perform a Repair Install by following the directions here



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How are your printers connected?

by fvaldez In reply to Printer not working

Are your printers LPT1 and 2? or USB ports?Seems that your PC is not "seeing" your printers at all, may be a port problem.

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