printer on home network

By JADavis9 ·
I've had to start over and reformat my c: drive on my tablet. I use it at home on a small home network with a cable modem feeding a router which then has wires leading to 3 pcs and to another router that has two printers on it. One is a scanner/bw printer and one is a color laser.
How do I get set those up in my tablet to be recognized and scanned from or printed to?
I have loaded the PaperPort software in my tablet for the scanner but it doesn't recognize the scanner/printer. Also, don't know how to load the color laser driver.

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You don't know how, CEO?

by santeewelding In reply to printer on home network
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by JADavis9 In reply to You don't know how, CEO?

Why are you mentioning my chosen job title?
Yes, I have owned my own small businesses which were incorporated, so technically I am CEO, but what does that matter?
I am just trying to fix some issues on my home computers with the help of those who know much more than I know. Have I offended anyone?

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Share Your Printer Over a Home Network Using Windows XP

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to printer on home network
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get rid of the second router

by CG IT In reply to printer on home network

routers breakup collision domains [create networks]. 2 routers = 2 networks.

get a switch with enough switchports or simply connect one switchport on one router to a switchport on the other router, don't use the WAN port on the second router.

load drivers use the add hardware wizard [for windows].

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dont give any sight to that santeewelding

by Kerah In reply to printer on home network

here you want to share your printer ok. first i guss you have a network so you can go to that pc the printer attached to and open it from my network places>work group and computers
after you assign your printer as shared you will find it here from the network from any pc attached to the network

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description of my home network

by JADavis9 In reply to dont give any sight to th ...

Maybe this is wrong but this is what I have been using. It worked great for me:
A wireless NetGear router hooked to the cable modem to connect internet with 3 wire connected computers and a wire running to a Linksys router. Connected to this Linksys router are two printers - Brother HL-2700CN color laser and also a Brother 7820N scanner/printer. I had some help setting this up originally. This has worked fine for me. But I just had to do a reformat on one of my pcs with Windows XP. I don't see the printers listed in the printer list. But I have a cd that came with the Brother HL-2700CN color laser and also one for the Brother 7820N scanner/printer. I need to get both recognized. I ran the 7820 cd on the reformatted pc and it installed the Paperport scanner software but Paperport doesn't look like it knows about the 7820 scanner.

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You will most likely have to add the printers

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to description of my home ne ...

as network printers on the "reformatted" computer....

From the Start Menu...
Printers & Faxes...


You would want to select Network printer...maybe Browse for it first but I expect you may need to know the IP address the Linksys router is giving the Printers....do you have any idea what they are?

In any case, if you only reformatted the compter & didn't make any changes to the routers or other computers....then you can log into one of the other computers & you should be able to determine the IP address or at least the "share name" of the printers....then if you are unbale to "browse" for the printers & you don't know the IP...you should be able to tell it the "location" when adding a new network printer....the main thing to remember is that you have to add a new "network" printer.

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can you help me more?

by JADavis9 In reply to You will most likely have ...

Sorry but I am in over my head ... I have gone on my WindowsXP Control Panel>Printers and other hardware>View installed printer, and I see the 7820N scanner/printer checked as default printer but Paperport doesn't list it to scan from.
Also, I don't see the 2700CN color laser listed at all. Not sure how to deal with IP addresses listed on other computers or to add this printer to my tablet.
I didn't make any changes that I know of to the network or the routers.

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Read what Peconet Tietokoneet says below....

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to can you help me more?

That is all very good descriptions on how to set it up. :)

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More info on connecting your printer on the home network....

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to printer on home network

Ok, another way is to do a "Share" on the harddrive..
Which ever computer the printer is attached to make sure that the "C" harddrive is marked as "Shared". How? read here:
If you have sharing turned on, you can find any shared drive on your network by entering the computer name and {drive letter}$ like this:

These are hidden in network browsing by default and are generally reserved for network administration. Best practices suggest creating a resource share specific to the drive or a folder on the drive.
Simple File Sharing

If you use a network file sharing, be sure to have a router with a strong password and a firewall application protecting your network.

In Windows Explorer, choose Tools > Folder Options from the menu and click on the View tab. Scroll to the bottom and verify the checkbox next to Simple File Sharing is checked.

Workgroup Configuration

You indicate that both computers are visible on the network, which should mean they are both part of the same workgroup. To verify Workgroup settings match, open the System Properties either by right-clicking on My Computer and choosing properties from the start menu or by using the Windows Key + Pause/Break on the keyboard. Click on the Computer Name tab for each computer and check the Workgroup name.

If the Workgroup name matches on both machines close system properties. If not, click on the Change button and enter the correct Workgroup name.

After making changes you will be prompted for a restart.

Sharing A Hard Drive
The more secure method for sharing your drive is to require authentication across the network when making a connection. Rather than using simple sharing, you share your drive on a case-by-case basis and specify which users have access. This way you can disable the Guest account and only allow a user with a password to get in.

For this method of file sharing, open Tools > Folder Options from the Windows Explorer menu and click on the View tab. Scroll to the bottom and verify the checkbox next to Simple File Sharing is NOT checked.

Right-click the drive you want to share, click the radio button for Share this folder. Click on the New Share button and name your share.

Click on the Permissions button and check the Allow Full Control box (which automatically checks change). Click OK until you exit the sharing setup.

On the computer with the shared drive, create a user account with the same name and password as the account you login with on your other computer. By creating this user, when you login to your computer, you will also be authenticated to access the shared drive. For access settings to take effect you need to reboot the computer with the shared drive (and possibly your other computer as well).

Using this second method of security, you can create additional access control by providing read access for the drive, but only allowing changes to specific folders on the drive.

Once you have done the Above, go to "Network" and find your computer with the "Shared" drive, now click on the icon of that computer (you might be asked for a password, so be sure you now it), it should list your Printer, now click on that printer and follow the instructions, you might get a message like "printer drives installing" or "do you want to load the printer drivers" just click on yes. Now your printer drivers will download onto your Windows 7 machine, once that is done do not close the window but go to your "printer" section of your operating system and you should have the icon of your printer, make sure it is marked as the default printer.

Ok, i hope this helps you out some what.
Now i am going to have a cup of tea.

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