Printer on Vista

By nhiep_nguyen ·
I am new on the Vista OS and have the following problem:
Problems with Printers in Vista. I have an HP printer connected to a Desktop running XP SP. My laptop's OS is Vista Home Edition Premium I've added the HP printer to the Vista based laptop. The problem is whenever I want to print from the Vista Laptop to that printer, The document flashes momentarily on the HP printer window, then disappears and nothing is printed. I have no problem with printing to a printer directly set on the network. What could be the problem? Thanks for any help anyone could provide me with.

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Have you checked...

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to Printer on Vista

... with HP to see if there is an updated Vista driver?
What model of HP printer is it?
Are you connecting it directly to the laptop?

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HP Printer

by nhiep_nguyen In reply to Have you checked...

No I hav'nt checked about newer driver since as I said the printer is connected to the USB port of the desktop (running XP SP2), and the Vista laptop has added it through the LAN. The printer is Photosmart 7550 serie.

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Here's the problem and the solution...

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to HP Printer

That printer is not designed for Vista.
To get it to work, you should install it as a network printer using an IP address.
Then use the 'alternate' driver as recommended by HP.

To verify that this driver will work, you may want to first try attaching the printer directly to the Vista machine.

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HP 7550 On Vista

by nhiep_nguyen In reply to Here's the problem and th ...

Thank you for your advice. The alternate driver works when the printer is directly attached to the Vista computer.
Then how do I install it with an IP address?
I don't think it has a Ethernet cable connector.
Or should I installed it on my XP desktop machine with the alternate driver and then add it to the vista as a network printer?
Thank you anyway for solving my "mystery".

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To set up using IP address...

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to HP 7550 On Vista

Connect the printer to the server.
Go here to find out the printer's IP address:

Now go to the workstation (the laptop) and add the printer using the Add Printer Wizard.
Follow the steps found here:

Let me know how this works.

Glad I could help.

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Printer IP address

by nhiep_nguyen In reply to To set up using IP addres ...


I've followed the instruction in the up to the place where I would enter the printer address. Alas I can't find it in nowhere, in the server Device manager, on the printer back, and there is no manual delivered with that printer except for a poster installation chart.
I've also looked into the router configuration and can't find any clue to the IP address of the printer.
Thank you any suggestion you could provide me with.

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To find the IP address...

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to Printer IP address

Connect the printer to the server and install it.
Print a test page from the server.
The IP address should be listed in the print out.

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by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to Printer IP address

I received your email. which is surprising, by the way, since I rarely check that mailbox.
My apologies... focusing on the standard way to correct the issue, I missed the point that having the printer connected directly to the server via USB would keep you from getting a IP address.
There are two ways to resolve the situation.
1. Connect the printer to the server in a different way that provides an IP address.
2. Uninstall/remove the printer from the server machine, and then reinstall it on the server using the recommended alternate driver from HP. To do so, bypass the Add Printer Wizard's auto-detect & install function and manually select the alternate printer driver from the list (this may involve installing the driver by downloading it from HP to this machine).

This should resolve the issue.
Let me know by posting to this thread.

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As I mentioned...

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to Printer IP address may need to download the 'alternate' driver from HP and install it on the server machine in order to have it as an available driver when installing the printer.

BTW... when you have 'reached the max message level', you can always respond to the previous post.

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Here are more detailed instructions...

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to Printer IP address

1. To reply to a posting after you have 'reached the max level', open a previous post (1 or 2 steps up the thread) and respond to that. You can respond to one of your own previous posts. The order of the posts and the date of the posts tells respondents which one is the most recent.

2. Do not disconnect the printer from the server machine. Simply remove it as an available printer in the Printers folder. This is done by opening Control Panel, opening Printers & Faxes, right clicking on the printer and selecting Delete. After that is done, you can then use the Add Printer wizard to install the printer using a user-defined driver. Remember, you will need to have first properly installed the driver recommended as the Vista 'alternative' driver for your printer. For help with downloading and installing the 'alternate' printer driver, you will need to consult with HP technical support. The only caveat with this process is if the 'alternate' driver will not install on the OS of the server - HP would be the one to answer that.

If you disconnect the printer and then reconnect it, the system will most likely automatically install the printer using the default drivers. That's what is referred to as the 'Plug and Play' feature. It may also be that when you reboot, the printer will install again using the default driver and appear as a second icon in the Printer and Faxes folder. For this reason, you may want to assign the printer a unique name so you can easily recognize it later.

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