Printer 'overloading' on specific subnets

By stein_brian ·
I have a couple of Lemmark E250DN printers that when patched into specific subnets after a short period of time all the lights on the printer will start blinking as if there is a problem. What is strange is if I take the printer and patch it into a different subnet the printer is fine.

We are a Microsoft shop, a few Linux servers floating around, and a full Cisco switch/router shop. I have been able to reproduce this by bringing the printer back to my NOC and patching it into my core Cisco 5507 switch. I then change the VLAN assigned to the port the printer is patched into to switch back and forth between a subnet it works fine on and a subnet it does not. Looking at the configs in the switch(es) there is no difference between the subnets. Any thoughts? Thank you!

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how many vista machines on the problem subnet?

by Kenone In reply to Printer 'overloading' on ...

Try turning off Network Discovery on them and see if the situation improves.

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Line noise..........

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Printer 'overloading' on ...

There must be some kind of noise or interference on the subnet which sends the printer into spasms.

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Check for excessive activity

by jdclyde In reply to Printer 'overloading' on ...

a bad NIC on one of the pc's, or a bad port on a switch could be flooding that subnet.

Have you tried a sniffer to see what traffic is on that subnet?

Have you looked at the netflow in your routers?

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Response to all posts

by stein_brian In reply to Check for excessive activ ...

To respond to all posts, there should not be any vista machines at all, only XP is used here. I am somewhat new to this so with that being said I have not really tried a sniffer. I attempted to use Ethereal/Wireshark running on one of my PC's but not sure if that is how to do it or not. Along with that, what would I be looking for with the netflow in the routers?

One thing I did notice, though I can't imagine this is the cause, but the bad subnet, actually it's 2 bad subnets, but both in their DHCP scopes have a WINS server setting pointing to our main switch. Whereas every other subnet has the WINS pointing to the proper WINS server. However the printers all have static IP's. Thanks!

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