Printer Passwords

By Quantum24 ·
I work at a library where we have public access computers. Recently, Patrons have been printing costly and malicious documents (e.g. an all black paper which emptied our ink cartridge). Is there any way to place a password on the printer so that only the staff will be able to print?

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by shasca In reply to Printer Passwords

What kind of networking is setup? AD will let you give printer rights by group membership. What kind of Print server also?

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more info plz

by computechdan In reply to Printer Passwords

need more info in order to advise

what is the make/model of printer?

is printer connected to a computer or directly to the network?

if to a computer, what version of windows is this computer using?

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Agree more info needed.....

by TriDom In reply to Printer Passwords order to provide a specific reply.

Generically, you really can't lock out a printer unless you use user accounts in Win NT or greater.

You can set up a computer as a sort of print server in your workgroup if you are using peer to peer networking. Then give share permissions only to those user accounts that you want to allow to use the printer.

Without using an actual server, this will require that you create the user accounts on each machine.

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More information

by Quantum24 In reply to Printer Passwords

Here is some more information as requested. The printer is a Dell 3010cn network printer connected to one of our office computers. We share the printer through this computer. All of our computers have the Windows Vista operating system. I have tried to create different groups which I can lock out but this hasn't seemed to work. Any more suggestions? Thanks.

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by shasca In reply to More information

You still don't tell us wht kind of network you have. How do remote PC's connect to this shared printer. This will be the key to allocating printer rights.

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Network information

by Quantum24 In reply to Network

We are running a Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition with the second service pack. Computers simply connect to the network we have set up and they can install the shared printer via the normal control panel process. If there is any more information you need, please say so. Thanks.

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So, you want to disallow access to the printer

by seanferd In reply to Network information

in the account patrons use (presumable Guest or similar). Group policy is where you'd do that.

Someone else may be able to get specific, but just check through the settings. There is a collection of Printers settings.

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No Domain, No network printer

by BizIntelligence In reply to Network information

<b>Points that I have noted:</b>

You have Windows 2003 server. You have client computers with Windows Vista installed and networked with Windows 2003 Server ----- So no active directory configured

Users can install printers and other software on local computers ---- So users are part of local administrators group

Dell 3010cn is connected to office computer and then being shared ? so even if it is a network computer you have connected via a computer. That means computer has to be on all the time to let others print.


Do computers logon to domain or just local computer? There should be three boxes at logon screen i.e. username, password and domain.
Why do you have network enabled printer connected to office network?

Is your server OS Windows Server 2003 R2?


First of all, you will need to configure active directory and create users. Please follow link

Once the domain is configured, install printer on network i.e. configure printer on network with unique IP address, subnet mask and gateway. Please refer to dell user guide to do that.

Add printer to server, share it and secure it using print management console (if windows server 2003 is R2 otherwise normal method). Please refer to following guide:

Later you can add printer to every computer using following guide:

Good Luck !

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Your public access computers ....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Printer Passwords

... should be isolated from the rest of the network and user permissions set so people can't install anything, including printers.

Before you do that, uninstall the printers.

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