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    Printer pauses


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    I have a user that has a 1.1Ghz system, 128 Mb RAM, with W98. The user has a canon printer attached to the paralell port and an hp 940 attached to the usb. The HP printer will set doing nothing for up to 1.5 Hours, with the que saying it is printing, and then print documents at the regular speed. I have reloaded all the printer drivers to no avail. I am at a loss as to the direction to look for an answer to make this printer print more rapidly.

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      by curacao_dejavu ·

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      start at the bios level, I would see if there is any upgrade for the motherboard itself, and also check the power features, (disable them all as a test)

      second upgrade the win98 via the so the os is updated,

      use this as a troubleshooter:

      and make sure you have enabled the usb support.

      lastly, use the download the lastest driver of the usb printer from the manufacturers website.

      ANd if all else fails, you will have to upgrade to a newer version of windows, since win98 is not being supported by MS anymore.

      Important Windows 98 has reached the end of its support lifecycle. Microsoft no longer provides redistribution rights to IHVs and OEMs for the fix described in this article. If you have problems with your USB printer in Windows 98, Microsoft recommends that you upgrade your operating system or contact your printer manufacturer for assistance.


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      by csmith ·

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      This usually is a USB1.1 problem.
      Due to an incompatability, the printer driver in the OS thinks that the printer is paused or offline, and it waits. It starts on a noise spike.
      Troubleshooting: Try USB 2.0 card
      There is usually nothing wrong with the printer or the driver. This is in the hardware.
      Regards, Chris

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      by wlbowers ·

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      98 and usb do not live well together. Never have never will. The newer devices are designed for the technology advances and the manufacturers are not going to support a dead OS.

      That is what 98 is. A dead OS. Microsoft has rang the death toll on it and ME. They have dates that were provided to their partners and provided on their website for the dropping of support.

      Upgrade your user to at least 2000.

      Good Luck Lee

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