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    Printer prints colors only


    by jdshort58 ·

    Hi, I have a Canon S450 Printer that has a separate black tank & 3 colored ones. The colors print fine, but I can’t print anything with black ink. I have tried several new ink cartridges and cleaning the contacs. Is there a line clogged and can I fix this? THanks for your help!

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      by dmiles ·

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      Make sure that tape is removed from the cartridge,then you could also try loading the black ink cartridge only,then too you caould try swithching the cartridges around.
      Then you could just try loading the blk ink cartridge alone

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      by thechas ·

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      From the Settings / Printers section on the Start menu, select your printer and bring up properties.

      Select the maintenance tab.

      Run a deep clean on the black ink.

      Then, try a test page. Or a nozzle check.

      If you have used off brand ink, or refill kits, it is VERY possible that your print head is clogged and will need to be replaced.

      Also, if you let the ink tank run dry and leave the printer for several days, the ink can dry in the print head.


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      by hal 9000 ·

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      The Chas is quite correct here but I just want to add that if this is a newly installed printer you’ll first need to perform a Print Head Alignment and follow it through all the way so that the print heads deliver the correct amount of ink. You’ll find this in exactly the same place the the head clean option and only if it is a new install you first need to perform a Head Alignment then you’ll get a page printed out where you have to enter a number per column for which has the best coverage generally with Canon products this ranges from a +5 to a -5.

      If you have left the printer in a hot room or with a empty ink tank the ink will dry in the print heads and will block them if it isn’t a long time since this has happened you can sometimes soak the print heads in Water and let the water dissolve the ink although you’ll have to make sure that you constantly clean the water and don’t allow the dirty water to set on the print head. If that doesn’t work you’re up for a replacement Print Head and I’m not sure just how much they cost for that model.


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      by samthetrue ·

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      i dont know how helpfull this will be but you may want to try to reinstall the printer drivers found at the cannon website (most of the time) or on the cd it came with… but if something is wrong woth the cd (example: it was heated to hot in shipment to the store you got it from… at least thats what hp told me what happened to the CD that came with my printer) then you want to get a new copy or download it…
      hope this helps

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