Printer prints only half pages! Canon ip3000

By ahkg ·
My printer, Canon pixma ip3000 prints only half pages. It
prints only the first lines in the document, starts on a new
page a couple of lines, a new page again....
I have tried to disconnect the printer, remove all software
and drivers, restart the pc and then install the drivers
using the original cd, but it doesn?t seem to help.
A couple of days before I detected the problem, I used a
program called
Ashampoo Winoptimizer to optimize the system. It might
have something to do with that?

Can anybody help me?

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I've seen this problem on older laser printers with insufficient memory

by ManiacMan In reply to Printer prints only half ...

to spool the job locally, thus chopping off half the page. You had stated that you installed some application recently and noticed the printing issue materialized afterwards. I'm wondering if that application may have changed the way your spooler service runs, causing the jobs to get sent to the printer too soon and thus chopping off the rest of the image. Try removing the application and see if that corrects the situation.

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I've seen this problem on printers of all types, ages & memory

by Absolutely In reply to I've seen this problem on ...

when only a half page is inserted.

Or, the "optimization" software might have changed the selected paper size, to make "optimally" economic use of paper.

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Good point. Sounds like the software did too "good" of a job on optimizing

by ManiacMan In reply to I've seen this problem on ...

I personally hate those software packages that claim to "optimize" and fix the machine. They do more harm than good.

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Re: Printer prints only half pages! Canon ip3000.

I have copied some answers to your question, they might work. Hope all works out for you.

1: Remove Cartridge
2: Unplug the AC Power Cord
3: Hold down the RESUME button
4: Release RESUME after plugging in the AC Power cord.
5: Press the RESUME once within 5 seconds and release the RESUME .
6: Press and HOLD RESUME for two seconds or more and release it.
7: Press and HOLD RESUME for two seconds or more and release it.
8: Unplug AC Power Cord to set data.

How to RESET the printer.
1, With the printer unplug, remove the ink cart to the right ,
2,Plug in the printer ,Press the POWER button, Do not release the POWER button ,and then press the RESUME button twice in succession .Now release the POWER button ,press the RESUME button 4 times .
3,The beeper may sound once ,Then With the printer unplug ,after that reset the printer electronics ,open the printer and this process is finished.

Please post back if you have anymore problems or questions.

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