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printer problem

By sahilshaa ·
hi all;
i am suffering in critical problem. i am using windows 2000 pro and hp 1020 laserjet printer with usb port(does not have LPT) when i give a print my system hang every time and after restarting printer print a job i did reintalled a driver and software and chang port, i did check printer with other system but problem presist.i did remove a check for bidirectional support its helped but after 3 to 5 printing job or sometimes more than 10 condition same with printer.
any body have a solution of this problem please help
thank you

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by Blackcurrant In reply to printer problem


I think there are several things you can check. The first is to make sure that you are using the most up to date driver for the 1020. Also, does the printer require USB2 ports - and are these installed on your computer? Next, try running any diagnostic utilities that came with the instalation disk or try running the online diagnostics available from:

If everything is OK with the printer, it may be your computer. Check the OS files by typing

SFC /scannow

in the Run dialog box. You may need your Windows 2000 CD if any files are corrupt or need to be replaced. Also, make sure you have enough disk space for the print spooler, and make sure the spooler service is running.

I would also check your event logs and see if there are any events generated at the same time the problem occurs.

Good luck

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by snarkhunter In reply to printer problem

Two possibilities:
1. Try updating the printer driver
2. Service Pack Win2k Pro. If you have SP4 then there is a kown problem with some device drivers not working after SP4 so check with Windows Update. I think KB8**861 should have the necessary patches.

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by sahilshaa In reply to

when i update my windows from service pack 4 it's solved my problem

Thank you

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by mlondon4 In reply to printer problem

I have experienced printer hangs when I have two or more printers listed as available for jobs on the same computer. The problem occurs when the system is looking for a different printer than the one I want to use now. And if the different printer is not connected, then the system just sits there waiting for its old friend to come back to a status of connected so that the job can be done. The solution is to go to Start-Settings-Printers, and be sure that the desired printer is checkmarked as the "default" printer. That tells the system which printer to look for.
Hope that is helpful.

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by BarbarianComputerWorx In reply to printer problem

Also, what program are you printing from? Most legacy apps are wanting an LPT port, and don't "play well with others".

Try printing 10 test-prints from the properties screen of the printer driver, and see if it hangs. If it doesn't, then try 10 print jobs from the primary application on that pc. This is the simplist way I know to differentiate between a driver problem and an application problem.

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by Daniel.Muzrall In reply to printer problem

This has worked for me when facing a variety of problems: Open the PRINTERS folder; Delete all printers using the HP LaserJet 1020 driver; turn off or unplug the printer; reboot your computer. Open the PRINTERS folder; click FILE and then click SERVER PROPERTIES; click on the DRIVERS tab; highlight the HP LaserJet 1020 driver and click REMOVE; repeat as needed; turn off your computer. Turn your computer back on, and follow the printer's installation instructions using the latest drivers.

If that still doesn't work try the above steps, but instead of using the HP Installer, just turn on the printer, and when Plug and Play detects the new device, install it using the HP LaserJet driver that comes with Windows.

Best of Luck!

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by Martialan In reply to printer problem

I think your system consumes too much resources available for printing. What you can do now are :

1. Add more menory to your system or
2. Remove other applications that you don't need and reboot the computer. The system will print your documents.

Your friend

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by sahilshaa In reply to printer problem

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