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Printer Problem

By mikejobrelated ·
One computer one my network has the problem that when it prints out to one of the printers instead of normal text there are random symbols instead. Its only the one computer having the problem but they can print to any other printer and its fine.
If you could email me at mpugsley@hotmail.com with any help it would be appreciated. Thanks

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Printer Problem

if it is random garbage that is almost always a wrong or corrupted printer driver. i have also seen this with bad parallel cable. so try another cable and try removing and reinstalling the latest version of the printer driver. configure it the same as it is on a working pc

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by gsancataldo In reply to Printer Problem

Pls advise if the driver is;
a. Local parallel, serial or USB
b. TCP/IP direct printing
c. LPR printing.

Also the OS of the workstation and if applicable the OS of the LPR server.


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by cstevenson In reply to Printer Problem

Two things can cause gibberish print. Incorrect/corrupt print driver, and sending data to the printer faster than it can buffer/print it.

In the first case, make sure the driver is correct, the most recent available, and reinstall it to be sure it's not corrupt.

In the second case, if you are using parallel connection, some printers are not compatible with "ECP" mode that is used by default in most versions of Windows. You can try changing the CMOS setting "Parallel port mode" from ECP to SPP or NORMAL to see if that helps.

One other thing that I have seen in my job (supporting users of a major printer corporation) is corrupt print jobs, especially in Word. If a document is edited too many times, it could be corrupt, try recreating it, or create a new document to see if it still prints gibberish.

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