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printer problem on windows xp pro

By karinsd ·
I hope someone can help me...
The thing is that one day an error prompted a couple of times about not reading memory (always when I was shutting down my computer) and I can not print since then. Before that I had no problem!
My computer can not find the printer (HP laserjet 4P, I know it's too old) so I installed the new drivers.
Then I thought about the port, but it works fine.
I can send any page to the printer, the spooler processes it and a printing error appears and it stops there.
Any idea?

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Just a thought.

I have a 4P as well and it's a darn good printer...:)

One thing you may want to check is if there any additional RAM SIMs inside the printer. If so one of them, or all of them, may be bad.

Another is that you may want to check the DPI settings and make sure your not overloading the printer memory. I know on some of our older HP 4's we had to add additional RAM just to print PDF files.

Other then that I'm not sure what to tell you.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you!

by karinsd In reply to Just a thought.

Yes, the 4P is a very good printer!
Before this my printer worked just fine through my zip drive (which is broken).
I checked the DPI settings and they are at 300.
So my next step will be to check the RAM SIMs.
I hope it'll work!
Thank you very much!!!

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by b_p2001 In reply to printer problem on window ...

Check the properties havn't changed, the printer memory is not toast, update the driver online. Can you print a test page, or text file?
If still not able to print, uninstall, shut down, then re-install with printer disconnected.

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by karinsd In reply to Check

The properties haven't changed and the drivers were updated online.
I also uninstalled, shutted down and re-installed a couple of times with no results before posting my question.
I'll check the printer memory.
Thanks for your help!

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couple things to try

by shelli_2005 In reply to printer problem on window ...

Are there jobs still stuck in the queue?
is there anything in the:
"C:\windows\system32\SPOOL\PRINTERS" directory? Sometimes old jobs can get stuck and cause strange errors. Did you try completely removing the printer and reinstalling?

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it's empty

by karinsd In reply to couple things to try

That folder is empty. There's nothing stucked in the queue.
I removed completely the printer and re-installed it but anything has changed.
Perhaps is the printer's memory. I'll replace it and hope it'll work!
Thanks anyway!!

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by karinsd In reply to printer problem on window ...

My printer now is working.
It wasn't the memory... the thing here was NORTON ANTIVIRUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Once I removed it from my computer, magically my printer was detected. I replaced it with another program and everything's fine!

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