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    Printer Problem With A Computer Running Windows 7


    by dcritter ·

    I have a Windows 7 machine that suddenly stopped printing. I have 3 computers connected to a network, 2 run Windows 7 and 1 runs Windows XP. I also have 1 printer connected to a computer that is shared and I have 2 network printers. One computer will not print to any printer, the other 2 will print to all printers. I connected a printer locally to the one that will not print only to get the same result. If I try to print to the network printers I get a network connection error. There is no network connection error since I can access the internet and I can even access the config page of my router with this computer. As I said this computer will not even print to a local printer. If I run Windows troubleshooter it says windows can not identify the problem. Drivers have been uninstalled and reinstalled for all printers. The print spooler service has been stopped and restarted. It printed fine 4 nights ago but the next day it would not print. No new software, programs or updates were installed. If I run a print job it shows up in the print jobs list but will not print. I have to cancel the print job to close out the print job list.

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