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Printer problem.....having a brain fart

By ITgirli ·
I know I know the answer. And I know it's in one of my many books of notes. But it's friday and I leave soon and so I thought I would just ask. User printing a form. The words that are supposed to be filling in the blanks on this form are coming out as jibberish. what's the quick fix?

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Jibberish when print = corrupt/invalid driver

by TomSal In reply to Printer problem.....havin ...

Usually when a printer that you know works fine on some stations but prints jibberish on another station -- it means the driver is corrupt or it is not using the correct driver.

Verify you have the correct driver per the OS you are using, if not -- download correct driver for the OS then re-install. If it IS the correct driver, remove it and re-install again.

If its a Windows OS make sure you re-boot, then have the user try printing again.

good luck

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Tom has it right

by bobmontana222 In reply to Jibberish when print = co ...

I run a small computer repair service from my home, I over 20 years in this field. My duaghter works as girl friday for this large company, they had a printer problem and for reasons I need not explain she could not call me to come in and fix the problem, they called in this high tech repair service to repair the problem. She call me on the QT and ask my advise I told her just reinstall the driver. The high tech compnay told their client the print er was'nt any good and told them to buy a new printer, which they did so my duaghter ask her bose if she could take the old printer home and see if she could make it work, they told her just keep it. She bourght it to me of couse I install it as a second printer on my nework of 3 computers and it works just fine and I have a printer for every machine on my network. What's all this got to do with the orginal problem, next time just reinstall the driver if that fails, get another printer.

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Tom Sal's probably got it

by Oz_Media In reply to Printer problem.....havin ...

I would install an Adobe Post Script driver, even though it's not a PDF, the PS drivers are pretty stable.

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Make sure your using the appropriate version of PS

by sleepin'dawg In reply to Tom Sal's probably got it

for the drivers installed. If it's an HP printer check the version of the GL. Some older printers can't run on the newer versions of PS or GL despite the updating of drivers. Also check the file size and print buffers and while your at it check the page format. Sometimes something minor gets reset wrong and its hard to notice the change.

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To do with Adobe Fonts

by GuruOfDos In reply to Printer problem.....havin ...

There is something about this in the Microsoft Knowledgebase and it's to do with Adobe ATM and certain TrueType fonts. It's NOT a printer or driver related issue! Do a search on and it's there somewhere.

I WOULD post the link, but as this is Discussion and NOT Q&A, I shall just point you in the right direction rather than give you a definitive answer.

Have a nice day!

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by ITgirli In reply to To do with Adobe Fonts

As it is printing the form for the text and not the filler text, I am also inclined to believe it was to do with the Adobe fonts. I did a quick scan at on friday, but didn't really find what I was looking for. I'll try again though. thanks.

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