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printer problems

By waynes258 ·
when i print out email or anything else it will take a long time to print and maybe 1 page will print then 1 page will be blank with with a very small smiley face then a good page will print then a blank with the face on. then maybe an hour or so later after i am done printing the printer all by its self will print out a page with the face on it i have an hp 1200 printer i have reinstaled the driver, i run spybot, adware se, and also microsofts beta spyware. i also have norton anti virus. i think there is something on the computer that is doing it but i dont know where to look the computer is on a network but the printer is not. no other computer or printer on our network is doing this.

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by ManISKid In reply to printer problems

Check in the printing options that you have not set up any sort of letterhead or that something similar is not set up. Check that you dont have anything like this set up in your email program or the other programs that you run.

Also, when you print something run task manager and check the printing service is not running and note anything else that is running. Because the printer is taking a while to print it may be because the printer service has overloaded the system temporarily.

Do you print directly to the printer and not to a unc name, as this may redirect the computer through the network back to your own computer, thus allowing possible problems.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to printer problems

sounds like bad cable or bad port. or maybe bad printer. does self test print snappy? how about printer test from windows. i would try another cable. what printer model please. try new cable and take to another computer and try

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by seanmcpherson In reply to printer problems

In the past when I have had this problem, I went to the printer manufacturer's website and downloaded the newest drivers. Often te disk doesn't have the newest drivers. If this doesn't work, try deleting the printer and reinstalling the printer. I've solved the problem you have succesfully many times. Hope it works for you!

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