Printer Problems Lexmark C750

By technogeek-1995 ·
At my school, I have a Lexmark C750 printer. It runs in a cycle between "Preforming Self Test" and "Error 90." I have no clue what is wrong. We can't print to it and my IT teacher is getting very mad at it. The IT people can't come for some time now...Please Help!!!

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Turn off the printer and reboot your computer(s)..

Hopefully this should fix the problem.
If not then i will post plan B.
Is this a USB device?

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.
If this info is useful, please mark it helpful. Thanks

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Memory Error

by LarryD4 In reply to Printer Problems Lexmark ...

Error 90 on the Lexmarks usually means an internal memory read error.

Even if a reboot and power on works get it tested completely.

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I agree it's probably a Memory Error

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Printer Problems Lexmark ...

But if you can tell us what has been done recently to this printer it would help no end.

Because it is in a School Environment it may have exceeded it's Page Count and need to be reset follow the directions here


When replacing the fuser on the Lexmark C750, C752, C760 or C762, follow the instructions below to reset the fuser count.

Resetting the Fuser Count

Step Action
1 Power the printer off.
2 Press and hold the Select button and the Return button while turning the printer on.
3 When you see Performing Self Test, release the buttons. Config Menu should appear.
4 Scroll down until Reset Fuser Cnt is highlighted. Press the Select button.
5 When Reset appears, press Select. The words Resetting Fuser Count will be displayed on the LCD.
6 Press until Exit Config Menu is displayed and then press the Select button. Activating Menu Changes will appear, followed by Performing Self Test.
7 When the display changes to Ready, print jobs can be sent to the printer.

Of course reading the printer Users Manual fault Finding section may be useful as well the complete manual is available here


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