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Printer script using

By McCabe ·
We gather some mainframe print jobs to a folder and run a script against the jobs. The script contains a command to find the numbered print job, print it and delete it. The script uses a printer name called printer and prints to a sahred printer offthe LPT1 port. I want to keep the script , but aim to a network printer that is not attached to any computer. Here's a snip of part of the script.

Then the script looks for the jobs to print.
COPY j160.001 LPT1
del j160.001
COPY j160.002 LPT1
del j160.002
COPY j160.003 LPT1
del j160.003
COPY j160.004 LPT1
del j160.004

What would be the command to aim it to a printer on the lan that has an IP addy instead of LPT1 ?

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Printer script using

by Joseph Moore In reply to Printer script using

Ok, so the machine that is printing these files uses a local printer, one that is installed on its own LPT1 port. And now you want to print to a networked printer, not the local one, right?
Then you do it the same way.
Define the Net Use LPT1 to the computer and shared printer name this networked printer has.
Now, providing this networked printer is shared off of a Windows computer, you do it just like you were doing your printing to the local printer.
So, say that on \\SERVER2 you have a shared out network printer called PRINTER2. You would just set up the first couple lines of your BAT file like this:

I hope I understand your question and that this helps.

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