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Printer Servers and All-In-Ones

By gumbo29 ·
We are looking to purchase a wireless printer server for our small office. However, one of our printers is an All-In-One (HP OfficeJet d 145). We are hearing mixed reports that printer servers don't work with AIO's officially but you can get them to work with a little effort. Anyone have experience with this issue? We were looking at the Linksys Wireless G printer server.

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by TheChas In reply to Printer Servers and All-I ...

It's not the printer server, but the printer driver that is the issue with using all-in-ones as shared printers.

The assumption by the printer industry is that an all-in-one will be a local users printer that will not be shared.

Why not share an all-in-one?

You have to be at the printer to use the scanner and FAX functions. Ergo, the scanner functions and printer driver are written for a single user connection.

Check the detailed information on the printer at the manufactures web site. Some do allow you to run the print functions from a shared connection.

Very few allow you to use the scanner function on anything but a directly connected PC.

The firmware in the typical all-in-one just is not powerful enough to direct the scanned image to the correct network user.

One work-around is to run the AIO from a local PC in kiosk mode.


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by TheChas In reply to

Got your message.

In generic terms, Kiosk Mode refers to setting up a computer dedicated to a single task with few or no options for the user.

Here is a link to a Microsoft TechNet page that will help you understand the different desktop configurations you can use for a dedicated PC to operate an All-In-One, or other specific use.


While the article is directed to Server 2003, the basic group policy options are similar for other versions of Windows.

Looking over the list, an App Station or Task Station may be more appropriate for your situation.


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by wlbowers In reply to Printer Servers and All-I ...

There is so much crap that goes on with the all in ones, you can't do it from multiple computers.

That is the crude way os saying it.

HP makes several that are networkable. You have to get over $150. Some even say wireless.

That usually means using a ethernet to wireless or usb to wireless.

Good Luck


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