printer sharing

By ?i?vrW?lf ·
My laptop wich has Windows Me on it will not connect to the printer on my XP machine but it does connect to the printer on another XP machine.

Both Xp machines are wireless and the laptop is hardwired.

The XP machine the laptop connected to teh printer has zone alarm the one that it will cont connect to has windows firewall.


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Disable the Windows Firewall which isn't the greatest

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to printer sharing

And install Zone Alarm onto the XP unit that you are unable to print from.

You may need to set some Firewall Rules with the Zone Alarm Install but it works with the other machine so that should cure your problem.

Zone Alarm Free is available to download from here


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still havin probs

by ?i?vrW?lf In reply to Disable the Windows Firew ...

the laptop sees the mapped drives but still will not allow me to connect to the printer I installed Zone alarm on the main PC I get an error on the laptop that reads \\computer is not accessible no permission to access resource

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You may need to look at the Security involved on the Main Computer

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to still havin probs

Also check to see if you are logging in with Admin Privileges on the ME NB.


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bangs his head

by ?i?vrW?lf In reply to You may need to look at t ...

it worked until I changed the NB to hardwired and the desktop to wireless. The ME NB connected to a printer on another XP machine and can access the shared drives

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Well then you need to look at the Network

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to bangs his head

Though the individual Security Settings on the different computers are still likely to be involved. When you change the Network connection method you need to reset your Security Settings as the different methods of connection are treated differently.

So if you change from a WiFi to a wired connection you need to reset all the Security Settings to apply to the new method of Network Connection. The same applies if you move from Wired to WiFi.


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understood but

by ?i?vrW?lf In reply to Well then you need to loo ...

the ME NB sees the shared drives on the XP desktop but still wont connect to the printer

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How is the Printer on the ME unit setup?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to understood but

You need to look at the Port that it uses and it should be the XP machine across the network, not showing as being connected locally to the ME unit.

So the Port should be \Network Name\Computer Name\Printer not showing a something like LPT1 or USB002.


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