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Printer Sharing and ipc$

By Axxis ·
I have a machine with win2k pro connected to a multifunction centre. It works great, prints great, but when trying to share the printer to a 98 machine this ipc$ autoshare thing asks for a password.

I have tried the reg entry of

autoshareserver = 0 and the
autosharewks = 0

neither of which have even turned the shares off. I have even 'stopped sahring' and that amounted to nothing.

The only driver i can get for the multi centre is a win2k driver.

This machine has NO service packs and is part of a workgroup; no domain; intrernal security is not an issue.

Can someone help me to make this thing share? I would use a print server but then i need to 98 driver for a toshiba tp3580 in order for all the other machines to use the copier.

It is giving me the s#@ts

i am giving 2000 point for an answer that works to this problem. It has gone over time to get his sharing problem solved.

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by w2ktechman In reply to Printer Sharing and ipc$

one would think that when it asks for a password that you can use the password from a user on the w2kpro system to gain printer access. But if it does not have drivers loaded, you still may not be able to print from the 98 box.
If it still wont share try restarting the server service.

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by Axxis In reply to

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by TheChas In reply to Printer Sharing and ipc$

The drivers for many multi-function machines do not allow printer sharing.

It's part of the nature of the multi-function design. The user needs to be at the printer to access many functions.

Check the printer manufactures support page for tips on sharing. Or, if sharing is even supported.


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by Axxis In reply to

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by voldar In reply to Printer Sharing and ipc$

You say you have a workgroup. And when you try to connect to the printer, you got this "password" demand. What I would do, is to try to add at the share level, for the printer, the user of the W98 box from which I want to connect to the printer. Or to try to connect from the W98 machine with a user_name used on the W2K box.

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by Axxis In reply to

The username is not an option //computername/ipc$ is in the username and the password i set for the admin doesn't work. I have tried all the suggestions so far BEFORE i posted this question.

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by glyall In reply to Printer Sharing and ipc$

here is a differnet idea.
share a directory on the win2k por machine for the win98 machine. They can copy the file to that directory. Here is the tricky part. You need to have a program look for a file in that directory then print it.

We have a program at work that our programmers wrote to do this. We use to print text files only not files with graphics.

check this site

Good Luck

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