Printer Sharing In Terminal Services

By brandoncatz ·
I have XP machines that are connecting to 1of4 Win2k3 Terminal Servers. On each of the XP workstations I have a USB receipt printer which I have shared locally and setup for redirection. I can give the printer a share name when it is connected to the TS, but when I disconnect I lose the share setting the next time I login. I have found very little info on this on the web, but some have mentioned a login script to map the printer to the same port everytime, even though, after reconnecting to the server, I have the same port and session number. If anybody has any answers I would greatly appreciate it!

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Same issue...

by netpros In reply to Printer Sharing In Termin ...

I have this same issue...

I have terminal server 2000 and when a user logoffs, and then logons the next day, I have to re-share their TS00x printer again?

I tried to install the printer on the terminal server for LPT1 (even though its not connected), and then share THAT icon - thinking that whenever someone has that printer, it will share it..but that didnt work.

Anyone have an idea?

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