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Printer Sharing on Wireless Network

By ken ·
This is similiar as the question posted by eraser3498 on 06-06-2006, but since it is closed I had to start a new one. I read all the answers and all suggestions have been applied. Only difference is that instead of the laptop I had a second desktop with wireless adaptor. The wireless router and adaptor are both D-Link which came as a set in one box.
Interestingly, last night I faced exactly the same situation. Everything was set correctly; same workgroup name, file and printer sharing enabled, client for windows enabled, TCP/IP configured etc. The desktop computer connected to the printer could see the wireless computer but vice-versa would not work. After spending couple hours uninstalling and reinstalling network settings etc. finally I added protocol Netbios on both computers and BINGO! I am really interested to find out from more experienced persons a)if this would have any adverse effect; b)Why TCP/IP did not allow me the communication both ways.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Printer Sharing on Wirele ...

No it will not have any adverse affects so leave it as it is.

As to why this happened it is most likely something to do with the Router Settings and it needs a different Networking Protocol to work correctly.

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by curlergirl In reply to Printer Sharing on Wirele ...

Do you mean that you added NetBEUI? NetBIOS is a transport level protocol - I don't think you can "add" or "delete" it.

Did you check the TCP/IP settings on both computers to be sure NetBIOS over TCP/IP was enabled? (If you're not familiar, this is on the WINS tab of the Advanced properties of the TCP/IP protocol on the NIC properties.) The default setting is usually the first checkbox, which is something like, "Use NetBIOS settings from DHCP server." Of course, if you're not using a DHCP server, this setting doesn't work, so you need to check "Enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP" instead. This really should work. I didn't read the other thread, so I don't know what else was suggested there.

Hope this helps!

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I have setup wireless Printers using the IP address,you should be able to set them up on the router as well.By using Netbios it uses the printer name. Did you set the wins to Netbios over Tcp/IP.this might have helped as well.

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by ken In reply to Printer Sharing on Wirele ...

Thanks guys.

Next time I go to that customer, I will check the settings. These were good tips. Thanks again.

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by aashirwad_aashirwad In reply to Printer Sharing on Wirele ...

- First of all your Network is working properly.
- Ping the Pc which is connected to printer.
- Give ping command using another computer.
- Example u r Sitting on no pc. and give ping -t . "" ip is the pc ip which is connected with printer.
- if you get proper Reply...
- Enter ip adress and access the pc..
example Start - Run - \\ - press "OK"
- Double click on Printer
- Now u have install printer in your pc which connected with other pc.

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by doug359 In reply to Printer Sharing on Wirele ...

Nice you save me hours of frustration. Tried the same thing ... and BINGO !!!

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