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Printer through Scanner

By mckay_w ·
My printer will not work unless it is connected to the PC through the scanner.
It did work then i connected a friends scanner.
Uninstalled the scanner. And disconnected the scanner and plugged the printer to the PC how it was b4, and it wouldnt work.
Now i have the scanner just sitting there, not installed, not plugged into a power point, just connected to the PC, and the printer connected to the scanner.
ANY IDEAS!!! coz they need teh scanner back.
OS - Win98
Printer - Canon BJ-265P
Scanner - ??

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Printer through Scanner

by MMerchant In reply to Printer through Scanner

uninstall the scanner drivers completly in safe mode, along with the printer drivers. Downlaod a new set of drivers from cannons website and install them before plugging the printer back in. now the order in which you should do this matters.
1. D/Lprinter driver
2. Unplug Printer/Scanner, boot up in safe mode
3. Uninstall scanner drivers/software
4. Uninstall printer drivers(only if you were able to successfully d/l the new drivers from cannon's website)
5. Uninstall the LPT Port(Right click on my computer go to properties, under device manager choose lpt ports and uninstall them)
6. Reboot
7. Install Printer Drivers
8. Power off computer
9. Plug in printer
10. Power on computer

Everything should work fine now....if it doesnt...e-mail me at gon@nwc.net and I will try to assist you further.

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