printer will not print black ink but will print black on test page logo

By liljoe690 ·
I have a ij600 Conpaq printer. I installed the latest drivers on it. It will print black in the cartridge cleaning mode, but will not print black in alignment mode. It will print black when printing the test page, BUT only prints the ME logo which has black as part of it and not the rest of the test page. It will not print black on a word pad test doc. page comes out blank. O/S is ME.. yes ME...its granpa's machine lol
any ideas?

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Have you

by zlitocook In reply to printer will not print bl ...

Removed the printer or delete it and uninstall the program if it is the add/remove programs? And reinstall with the newest drivers? It may be time to get a new printer. :)

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So if I understand the question correctly

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to printer will not print bl ...

You have a printer that will print black in Graphic mode but not in Text right?

That sounds very much like a Printer Setting for Text or as you have installed new drivers it could have created a problem with a software clash that is preventing the Text Mode to work.

Personally as it is no longer printing in the usual test modes I would if possible try it on another computer to see if it works properly on that. If it does you know that you have a software issue.

Failing that you could always try a Live Linux on the computer and see if the printer will work correctly under that OS and if it does you again know that you have a software conflict in ME. If it is recognised and doesn't print the problem is in the printer and if it is not recognised and doesn't print you may need to try a different Live Linux.

From Previous Experience I've found Knoppix to work fairly well with a lot of the older printers but Linux's like Puppy have Limited drivers available because they are small and lean testing OS's so I would opt for one of the bigger ones just to test it if you can not connect to another computer.

You should be able to get a copy of a Live Linux from your local Newsagent on a Linux Mag or maybe even on a general Computer Mag as a Cover Disc but failing that you can either buy or download one from here


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