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I would like to pose this as a question rather than a comment. What could be the possible solution to a Hp1100 laser printer which does not sense to pick one single sheet of paper, but instead it picks the whole bundle availbale in the input tray.

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Bundle of paper

by Jetpack908 In reply to Printers

I do not know how old your printer is but
It is possible that the "pick up" rolles need to be replaced OR you can take a piece of sandpapir (very fine) and rub them just a littel, they might get kinda smoothy by the time (it use to help)

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Fan the paper first...

by TomSal In reply to Printers

This may seem silly, but as someone who has supported many brands of laser printers, I have found out that most often with printers the solution to a problem is not complex.

First check the stupid but obvious things:

Is there more paper in thetray than it supports? Most often paper trays have a mark/line indicating its maximum fill capacity, make sure you don't exceed this line.

Next, some times my printers have done this same thing. The solution was taking out the entire amount of paper from the printer and "fanning" the whole stack of papers. Just hold one end still with one hand and with the other hand press over the paper to make them separate into individual pages.

Some times this problem can be little more than the papersticking together - very common when you open a tightly packed box of multiple reams.

Third, check the rollers for any abnormal wear. Obvious signs would be streaking on the pages - this is when faint "shadows" of toner are on the page, scratchesor crack marks are sure signs as well that the rollers need replacement. In the case that you have a rubber feed roller (Like the D assembly rollers used by many Lexmark brand workgroup printers), check for stress marks in the rubber. If you notice the stress marks very obviously - replace it.

Finally, some paper trays in laser printers have balance toggles on them. This is common in Lexmark printers and Xerox printers (not sure about HP though).

The balance setting must be set so the paper is level when feeding into the machine.

Consult your manual if you have a balance toggle on your paper tray.

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