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. A customer is calling to ask for a printer to be installed. Where do
you go to install a printer.

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by Toivo Talikka In reply to Printers

Usually printers come with their own software CD.

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by jdmercha In reply to Printers

I usually go to the customers desk.

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Possible variants to manage this and overcome the problems

by Tom Friedriks In reply to Printers

If you're installing local printer, you need to use Add printer wizard from Printers and Faxes applet within the contol panel. If you need to connect network printer to client machine, you first need to share this printer to be able to see it from client computer. If you need to deploy printers to client computers when users log on to your domain, you can set up printers for them in various ways. You can use group policies from Microsoft's IntelliMirror technology. To do that you need to install Print Management snap-in from Windows Server 2003 Release 2, AdminPack R2 on Windows XP. Note that update to R2 will require updating domain schema, i.e. all set of objects and properties within the Active Directory catalog. If some applications use it to store its properties something may screw up. On R2 open Group Policy Management Cconsole (gpmc.msc), create group policy object, link it to OU and edit the created GPO by running Group Policy Object Editor. The OU you link the GPO to can be OU containing users or OU containing computers depending on which objects you want to deploy your printers. You will see Deployed Printers element under either Computer Configuration or User Configuration folders. Now you need to push created settings and printers onto client (users or computers) via pushprinterconnections console application. In the same GPOEditor open Computer Configuration or User Configuration and assign the above noted pushprinterconnections.exe (you can find it stored in %SystemRoot%\PMCSnap folder) to either computers or users by choosing this application as the setting for Startup/Shutdown Script or Logon/Logoff Script correspondingly. To do that open say User configuration|Windows Settings|Scripts, open Logon if you wish printers to be deployed on logon and add pushprinterconnections.exe by clicking on Add button. Alternatively you can simply place the pushprinterconnections.exe to %SystemRoot%\system32\Group Policy\User\Scripts\Logon\ folder via windows explorer. Or you can use third-party tool like Desktop Authority from Scriptlogic and do that on Windows Server 2003 RTM/SP1/R2/SP2 RC2, Windows XP RTM/SP1/SP2 or Windows 2000. The good thing about using desktop management is its universality. That said, another notable impact from my point of view is the ability to apply printer settings periodically. As you noticed, with GPO you can assing printer to user on logon/logoff state only. Sometimes though you need to implement fault protection and assign printers to object by defined policy refresh time. Going even further, I will take a short from my persoinal case when I need to create secure communications and deliver desktops via terminal sessions from Terminal Server directly to thin clients. The task was to always apply user with the right printer depending on
group OU (to deliver different settings for different global location)
connection type (to deliver settings on terminal connection)
NIC MAC address (to deliver secured environment for just a part of hard defined computers)
and Application Name (to deliver correct printer based on application and assign different printing capabilities for different needs)
I puzzled over that and after serveral trialsI tried to avoid inventing myself what probably was invented before me and installed trial copy of Desktop Authority about which I heard from different magazines. I was pleasantly surprised by its flexibility. I set all what I needed and even was able to make it work (what is usually even more amazing when you need to implement so many things at the same time).

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by jamesatmaisonverre In reply to Printers

The customer should have the disk,otherwise download it from

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