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Printers and TCP ports

By kjrees ·

We have a windows 2000 server which experiences problems, seemingly with opening local tcp ports. We have a large number of printers on this server and every 14 days or so all of the printers start failing their print jobs. We have an installation of intersystems cache` running on there, of which the data and control panel can be accessed by everyone on the network. However you can't open a local session. furthermore you can't open a telnet session. We've upgraded (from 3) the sevice pack on this win2k server to sp4 as MS site describes a problem with sp3 and printer spooler Article ID : 318152, i'm not sure it relates though to my specific problem though. I'm getting stuck for ideas, a reboot fixes the problem for the 14days, but it's got a core system running on it! Any help/advice would be great.

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by robo_dev In reply to Printers and TCP ports

There are some registry settings that relate to
TCP ports: TcpNumConnections and the Backlog Queue.

Ironically, it's as if your printers are hitting your server with a denial of service attack, and you need to configure your server to welcome it.

So if you follow the opposite of the 'server hardening' instructions, I bet things will work better. It may be possible that there are some security fixes to prevent DOS attacks that are part of SP3 or sp4.

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by Dumphrey In reply to Printers and TCP ports

I'm going to have to agree with robo_dev. If a reboot fixes it, its completely a resource issue, either ram, or tcp/ip connections. It could be a combination of the 2. And is it every 14 days exact? or is that an estimate? I would think that a DoS would be based on useage. Sometimes after 12 days, sometimes after 16 days..etc. I would also look in the servers scheduled tasks to see if anything is running that you may not want to. Is it only tcp issues? or is the cpu maxed at this time as well?

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by kjrees In reply to Printers and TCP ports

I don't know what you guys think, but i downloaded a program that showed the usage of open ports on the local machine. After further research with our programmer we found we had links from sql 2005 to the intersystems cache database and had around 3000 open. We originally had them from the intersystems to sql, but i think one of the developers sent links back the other way for some reason. It didn't look like we needed these second links FROM sql so we disconnected these, the number of ports went to something like 300 straight away! I now wait with baited breath for the next 10 days!

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by bobby.gillette In reply to Printers and TCP ports

Not exactly an answer, but just a suggestion. Personally I'd never use my SQL server as a print server, as the application can and often does take every available resource it can and doesn't share them very well.

I would suggest using a small server or even an old workstation (install Win2k/Win2k3) as your print server. That'll solve all your problems and will make things a bit easier in the future.

Good luck

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