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Printers & Mapped Drives

By Markx.Boucher ·
I migrate people's settings and data to new systems. I would like to move the printer and mapped drives settings, as opposed to recreating them. What are the names of the files that hold this info and where can I find them?

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Printers & Mapped Drives

printers are in the registry. if you move user.dat over you should have it...else you can search old user.dat and save off snipped. same with mapped drives. but maybe you would rather control this with group policy and login scripts

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by Markx.Boucher In reply to Printers & Mapped Drives

After searching my XP system, all I found was NTuser.dat. If I copy this to a new system, could it also bring some of the problems with it. Is there a way to extract this info fron user.dat into the new user.dat. This way I only bring what I need.

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by p.j.hutchison In reply to Printers & Mapped Drives

You can copy the entire profile in C:\documents and settings (ntuser.dat contains user specific registry setting (see HKEY_CURRENT_USER section in REGEDIT).
The registry settings are in:
HKCU\Software\Windows NT\Devices
HKCU\Software\Windows NT\PrinterPorts

The driver files are stored in:

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