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Is there a way to install a printer in Win2K that will allow access to all user profiles on the local machine? I have a situation where multiple users are logging on to one 2K machine and a network printer has to be installed in each profile. The only success I've had is to install the printer and then share it. The problem with that is that the printer is accessible to everyone on the network.

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by Tictag In reply to Printers/Profiles

1. You have a machine where each logging on (interactive) user requires a network shared printer connected.
2. You can not (or don?t want to) physically install this printing device locally.

I think that there are three ways to satisfy what you want.

Install a local printer on the machine in question using a new redirected port to your network shared printer. That is, use the Add Printer wizard to install a LOCAL printer to a NEW local port named \\<servername>\<printername>. Add the drivers etc. This will then be a local printer (i.e. available to all interactive users) but will actually point to a network printer. (Also consider three below)

I know that is reads a bit hairy but;en-us;18**05 provides a solution. The PRINTUI.DLL can remotely/locally install printers as a machine installed or user installed printer from the command line or script and can be deployed using group policy.

Carry on as you are installing a connection to the printer for users but apply security permissions on the printer itself so that only a group of user objects (or even a computer object) may PRINT to it.


Printer = Software component; driver, if you will.
Printing Device = Expensive bit that spits out the paper.

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Thank you for your help.

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by atshea In reply to Printers/Profiles

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