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Printers, Scanners, Faxes vs All-in-ones

By j.lupo ·
Hey everyone. I have been researching copiers/printers and all in one devices. Unfortunately, I must be brain dead because the literature and stuff assumes you know what they are talking about.

I need a copier and my printer is just about shot, so I figured I would look at all-in-ones that do copy, print, scan, fax, etc. I want something desktop or smaller, easy to use and setup and preferably wireless.

However, being as I am not understanding all the lingo being thrown around, I thought I would start a discussion here on TR about what your preferences are for printing, faxing, copying, scanning etc. I know you all have a preference and why you like it. I would love to hear your stories and opinions. I am still researching for type of printer, etc.

I would have posted in Tech Q&A, but my questions are more generic than that. Since I don't know anything about devices since the HP Laster Jet IV (the one I have still). Oh and that is another point - Laser or Ink for it?

Staples is going to have a wireless HP all-in-one on sale next Sunday for about $300-$400. It is an ink type. It seemed to have good reviews, but again I am hoping all of you can assist me out here.

Thanks in advance for your ideas, thoughts, likes, disliks, etc.

J. Lupo

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Jen this wouldn't be my first choice

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Printers, Scanners, Faxes ...

The printer part tend to be more expensive per page to print as they use the Black & Colour Ink Tanks, the scanner is fairly Low resolution in comparison to even a cheap USB scanner and the Fax facility is only transmitting at 14.4 KBS which is fine for slow Fax Transmissions.

I once did a costing for a person with a Canon IP4200 Printer a LIDE 30 Scanner and a External Modem for Faxing and it worked out cheaper to buy that hardware than an all in one and Disposables where not taken into account. The only advantage that the All in Ones have is a saving on desktop space at the expense of usability as even the scanners in these things tend to be Low Quality Fax Standard Scanners about 70 DPI or slightly lower as the Fax Specs are different to the Computer Scanner Specs.

The printers are at the lower end of the scale as well but if you want something to save space it just might be worth the extra cost. It really depends on what it is you need to do any how much printing you'll be doing from this unit. Don't get me wrong anything scanned will look OK it just will not be as good as it could be with a proper scanner. The Printers like the Canon IP4200 also have a duplexer built in and will allow you to print CD/DVD Faces as well as having separate refillable ink tanks which do not have a print head on them so they really are much cheaper to replace than the all in 1 colour Ink Tanks. If you look at something like the Canon IP1200 with a RRP of $59.00 AU the replacement Ink Tanks come ion around the $85.00 for the Black & Colour tanks which is more than the printer costs and if you need to double side there is extra paper handling as well.

As an example the IP4200 Canon has the following

and the Canon LIDE25 is here at

The all in 1 Canon MP500 has the following specs

and until you start looking at the Image Runner Series which are true Digital Photocopiers you don't get anywhere near the speed or reliability and cost per page of usage but I don't think that you would be interested in a 30K + AU price Tag. But they really are the only Multifunction device I would ever consider as they do it all with really professional results.


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Thanks Col

by j.lupo In reply to Jen this wouldn't be my f ...

I am looking for something cost effective for home use. I don't really care about the fax or scan capability. It is the print and copy that I need more than anything else. These are the 2 things I do the most of. Fax rarely if ever. Scan so far never, but that is cause I am lazy and get a friend to do it for me all the time. Even my digital camera I haven't loaded the pix to the pc yet.

OH and this is a NB network at home. I haven't put in the PC that will be the server yet. I am doing everything off NB's at this point.

I get the feeling for cost and reliability/quality you are suggesting looking at Canon instead of HP, yes?

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Canon make most of the HP printing stuff

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Thanks Col

So I tend to cut out the middle man and go straight for the original maker.

It also doesn't help the way that HP doesn't repair anything that breaks UG they just replace it and bin the broken thing. While it's great from the customer when it's UG it's not so good when the unit is no longer covered by any form of warranty. I got hit with this on a Conner Tape Drive many years ago when I sent SHMBO to ring the suppliers to find out where to send the broken Conner Tape drive for repair. She got a less than professional answer and that's being very polite. I actually didn't believe her when she told me the response so I had to ring and got exactly the same thing so I rattled off my account number company name and asked to speak to the Manager. He just insisted that I read the book and ring the repairers listed in the book. Needless to say no one was listed on any of the accomping paperwork not even on a new one which I took in and asked Where I return it to for repair? Along with an unopened new unit neither had anything about where to take it and I just rang the people who supplied them which seemed like the right idea to me at least.

Anyway I was eventually given a phone number to ring and when I looked it up on the On Line Phone Book the only entry was Service Centre in Melbourne no company name or anything so I would have naturally thought of ringing them as they didn't have any reference at all to what it was that they did. I don't think that they got many returns for this very reason at the time but since then things have changed and I'm not overly happy with some of HP's Business practises here at least. I rang then with a faulty HP Multi Function device that one of my customers had brought where the light in the scanner never turned off they insisted that I didn't know what I was talking about and when it eventually died they replaced the entire unit 3 weeks before the Guarantee expired the owner was so grateful till I asked what she expected to happen next time? Of course the light in the replacement unit wasn't turning off either I know that HP changed the unit a couple of times in that last 3 weeks with no improvement. I'm not sure how it eventually ended up but I would imagine that they were offered some form of Extended Warranty.


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So if I understand your suggestion right

by j.lupo In reply to Canon make most of the HP ...

I should look at Cannon printers and copiers. I should also keep it all separate. Right?

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A Canon Scanner & Printer

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to So if I understand your s ...

Works out cheaper than most of the current generation Multi Function Devices but once you start looking at the Photocopier Class of their line things change dramatically.

It's nice to have a 300 Page Document feed that you can scan from in Duplex Mode and they are fast with full Corporate Colour at 50 PPM and Black at 70 PPM. If you take the Service Contract which is the only way to go it will cost you 3/4 cent per page + the cost of Paper in Colour and 1/4 in Black & White. The page size doesn't matter you can pay the same for an A3 that is setup as a Booklet layout as for a double sided A4 page. But these things are anything but cheap.


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Thanks Col

by j.lupo In reply to A Canon Scanner & Printer

thank you. I have some major reading up to do and then financial management to see what I can really afford.

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by wdewey In reply to Thanks Col

A lot of scanners have to built in option to send their output directly to a printer (basically a copy function).


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Use three devices.

by michael_orton In reply to Jen this wouldn't be my f ...

1/ FAX, you already have a free one in WinXP or any major Linux distro, and if you don't like it there are plenty of free ones that you just install like a windows printer.
2/ Get a USB scanner, fits any PC, cheap, usually comes with free OCR, uner ?40, got a Goodmans from NETTO for ?16.99 when new store opened.
3/ Get any printer that will take cheap, UNAPPROVED cartridges. The printer is only a small part of the cost, don't bother with guarentee, its disposable, save money on ink.
For bulk work 50 to 100 colour runs I use a battery of free scrap Epson 440 and 600 colour stylus. Black under ?2, colour under?4 or less in bulk. Works OK win98se/Xp/SuSe Linux, and can be driver by a scrap 486 running DSL Linux on an 80 meg HD (landfill PCs!) These old epsons will run all day in a disgusting condition for years, unlike your three in one and are virtually free.
I do have latest HP Photo, but hardly ever use as ink too expensive for normal work.
Extra Parallel ports can often be got from recycers for free to ?5 as an alternative to a 486 and a ?2.50 NIC. You can get USB 2 parallel cables but just too expensive compared with free 486 or extra printer port card (but you then loose one serial port address).
A three in one will do all three jobs badly and expensively.
You could even BUY a copy of WinFax for windows.
I got a copy years ago with a Modem.
Modems, and you will need one, can now be got for around a fiver from carboot/recycling. It will do anything a three in one will do with Winfax, XPs faxing wizard or the many free programs from a google search, even works with DSL Linux on a 486.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Use three devices.

Reasons to buy an Epson/Seiko (SEIKO just like the watch):
Patented magnet technology. They actually own the only land on Earth where such natural magnets are found, they use them in their watches too.

They are the only printer that still ships with FULL ink cartridges. Other printers ship with partial cartidges.

If you spend a few dollars more, you will get a 6 cartridge unit (many people groan at 6 cartidges) but they are better than those single-cartridge cheapos if you mix B&W with colour printing, plus they offer better colour tone than most single cartridge printers.

I could get into feed mechs etc. but don't need to, your testimonial of old Epsons speaks volumes alone.

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by wdewey In reply to Epson/Seiko

I purchased an epson printer. It worked great for 6 months to a year then it started making all sorts of squeaking noises. It still worked, but it was annoying.


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