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my new printer has no printer port,how do i install one?

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what kind o fprinter is it? r u sure iit s not usb

by markp24 In reply to printers


most printers today are USB only and no longer have a parrellel port (ie printer port) depending on the printer and its manufactuers recomendations, you might be able to they a parrallel to USB converter .

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Reponse To Answer

by robo_dev In reply to what kind o fprinter is i ...

break out the drill and soldering iron. Drill thru the case approximately 2" above the main circuit board.... :)

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Post what printer you have

by jdclyde In reply to printers

make/model and we will be better able to answer your question.

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I must lead a Sheltered life

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to printers

Because I've never see a WiFi Only Printer but assuming that your New Printer is WiFi only you'll need a WiFi Connection to it.

The current generation of Printers have one or more of these Connectors USB by far the most common, Ethernet can be seen alone but generally in conjunction with USB, WiFi again it could be WiFi only but generally in conjunction with USB.

If you are asking how you fit a Suitable Port to your Computer that doesn't have WiFi, Ethernet or USB the easy answer is to fit a suitable Card to the computer.

As to what type of card that would be it all depends on what you have as a computer as Note Books have a different Attachment Point to Desktops.


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contact the printer maker

by databaseben In reply to printers

new printer? contact the manufacturer for assistance.

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USB or WiFi

by sarfaraz.chougule In reply to printers

You will either have USB or WiFi connectivity options available for your new printer. It will be easier to assist, if you could share more details about your printer (like make and model).

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