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    Printing a signature on checks


    by jgryck ·

    We have a customer who wants to print his checks with his Laser printer. We can get the data to where it needs to be but does anyone know how we can get his SIGNATURE to print on the check. We are using an Okidata 7200 color laser.

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      Printing a signature on checks

      by timwalsh ·

      In reply to Printing a signature on checks

      Essentially, what you would have to do is create a graphics file of his signature. Then (if the check printing software has the capability), you would have to import the graphics file and place it correctly for the signature line.

      You might check with the bank to ensure they will accept a mechanically reproduced signature.

      Having said this, from a security standpoint, unless your customer is the ONLY person that has physical access to this computer and printer (or unless this is a payroll system), I would suggest that you STRONGLY dissuade your customer from going this route. Printing a check with an authorized signature already printed is a financial accident waiting to happen.

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