Printing and Win2k3 Domain

By Thanos K. Kontonasios ·
We have a Win2k3 domain, with vista clients. The clients take IP from the DHCP server. Also there is a print server, with 6 printers installed. I have the following problem. Sometimes, some clients, cannot print. The printers are shared correctly, and the printer server is configured correctly. But sometime,s we get an error code of 0x00008ca when trying to print. Could someone explain me the reason we get this error?

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I would re-install your printers...

And then re-boot your systems. Or shut off your printers, and then re-start them to see if it clears up your error(s).
Do clean up of your temp files just in case:
It is free to use.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.
If this info is useful, please mark it helpful. Thanks

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Could never get that to work

by Kenone In reply to Printing and Win2k3 Domai ...

It's all about the drivers, I can tell you that much. Vista needs different drivers for some printers which are not available to Win2K3, I upgraded to win2K8 and that seems to have fixed the problem. Not much of an answer, I know. Only have this running a week so far so it may not be the whole answer.

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