Printing from 98 when no drivers available...

By eggdashure ·
Hey all,

In my office we have a billing program that will only run from Windows *Gasp* 98. We just updated our Xerox copier and there are no drivers for Win98. I have a couple XP boxes that I have the printer shared from, but without drivers it's dead in the water.

Are there any third party programs that would allow me to use the XP drivers on the 98 machine?


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Have you tried using 'Compatibility Mode' in XP ? ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Printing from 98 when no ...

Windows XP can run Win95/98 programs under 'Compatibility Mode' y'know. Have you tried that yet?

Right click the program icon, select 'Properties' then the 'Compatibility' TAB. - Run as Win98. :)

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Or an alternative

by JamesRL In reply to Printing from 98 when no ...

When in doubt, user drivers from a simple HP laser, like the Laserjet II and see if that works for you. It may have problems if the printable area isn't exactly the same, but its worth a shot.


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Yea I thought of both...

by eggdashure In reply to Or an alternative

Thanks for the ideas, but yea I tried those. You know how well XP Compatibility mode works. Sometimes it does, sometimes not. In my case...not.

I downloaded the HP Universal Driver and of course it was for 2K and up. I'll try a few other variations of HP drivers and see if I have any luck.


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Is PDF an option?

by jaydog96 In reply to Printing from 98 when no ...

I don't know if adding an intermediate step would be an option, but would it be possible to use a program such as CutePDF (, which essentially functions as a printer driver, to create a PDF which could then be sent to another machine and printed? CutePDF does support Win98.

Hope this helps,

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Considering this may be my only option...

by eggdashure In reply to Is PDF an option?

I am working on this as we speak. My thoughts are to send it as a PDF to an E-mail on one of the XP machines. Then create a rule in outlook to automatically print it. The client will lose all print options though, color, duplex, etc. But if it's the only thing I can do...

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Xerox Drivers

by LarryD4 In reply to Printing from 98 when no ...

Is the printer shated off of a PC or is it a network printer?

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Mmm...both actually.

by eggdashure In reply to Xerox Drivers

It's networked and ready to go. I also shared it off of one of the XP computers. But, without drivers to tell 98 how to behave it's as good as a dead horse. (Yea...bad analogy I know.)

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An update...

by eggdashure In reply to Printing from 98 when no ...

Ok, HP has a few Universal Print Drivers. The one I was trying would only go back to Win 2K, I found another

that goes back to Win NT, I'll play with this for a while and see if I have any results.

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Old driver in 98

by LarryD4 In reply to An update...

I would think that their was a generic Xerox driver in Win98 that could get the job done, but then I don't have win98 PC to look at..

I don't even have a CD to install from...

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Good grief...

by eggdashure In reply to An update...

Ok, so I downloaded this file, I go to run the installer program and I get an error saying: This installer is not compatible with Win98. Please go to HP and download the Windows 98/Me version. Not such version exists, at least not that I can find anywhere.

I'm beginning to think the printer gnomes just don't want this to happen! = P

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