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Printing from DOS

By mwclayton ·
Is it possible to direct a DOS print job to a network printer? If so, How?

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Yes it is possible...need more info!!

by rzan In reply to Printing from DOS

First of all, what network OS are you using? If it is novell, then you can redirect your local LPT1 to a network print queue. If you are using NT, you can use the NET USE command to redirect your LPT1 to a network print queue.

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To make this complete...

by JimBb In reply to Yes it is possible...need ...

Once you have a link between your network printer and LPT1 or any other LPT), as described, you can use one of the following:
print filename
copy filename lpt1
(like copy c:\windows\win.ini LPT1, for example).
Careful though, if you send a file containing code that your printer interprets as a command, you may have odd results. But sending clear text files to most printers is perfectly possible.
One more thing: you may have to advance a page after sending your file. Certainly Lasers willnot do this by themselves.


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Using WinNT 4.0

by mwclayton In reply to Yes it is possible...need ...

LPT1 is disabled. There are over 30,000 printers readily available to print to. Is there a way to direct the printouts to go to a specific IP address

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Yes, it can be done

by s0meb0dy_else In reply to Printing from DOS

Under Win9x you can map a LPT-port to a networkprinter (under printer settings, 1st or 2nd tab)

Under *real* DOS your forced to install MSCLIENT, that can be found on your NT-server CD under \CLIENTS\MSCLIENT

If you need assistance with this problem send me a E-mail and I'll type it out some further.

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by marshallkeithusa In reply to Yes, it can be done

as stated above you will have to load msclient in order to hook to the network. But you have the wrong Idea you don't print to an IP address you would use the the net use redirect a lpt port to a printshare name not the ip address of the server theprinter is on.

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DOS Printing

by smastror In reply to Printing from DOS

We have NT4.0 workstations on a Novell Netware 4.11 network. I already have my ques mapped and default printer. In dos I can run a command and sent it to print (i.e. dir > prn). It comes right out on the qued printer.

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RE: Printing from DOS

by ashutosh.lawate In reply to Printing from DOS

Yes its certainly possible to direct a Dos print job to a network printer.
If you are not using any of Win9X or other os. and have dos622 installed on pc, you would have to install win311 in the pc, and configure network drivers in the same.
So it does adds a line called net start in ur batch file (autoexec.bat)
in dos itself use the following commands
net logon
it asks for user name and password.
and then specify
net use \\PC_name\Printer_name

this shousld solve the problem


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Dos Printing

by Ryoung In reply to RE: Printing from DOS

I use Windows 2000 with Novell. Net Use LPT1 \\servername\print_Q sets up my lpt port but my document still hangs up and does not print at this printer.

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