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Printing from MS-Dos Program in XP.

By i.ayl ·
We have a small office network running on Windows Server 2000 and with a Print Server (Advantek). Our networks has 2 machines working with Windows 98 and Millenium and 1 with XP.

I'm having trouble configuring the PC with XP to print from a MS-Dos program. I try the Net Use command with partial sucess.

The Pc spool the jobs to the server but it takes aprox. around 10 to 30 minutes to print and almost the same time if I delete it.

I have tried almost all sort of combination to my knowledge: Spool Last Page(with this option W98 and Millenium won't print, the jobs get lost), Print Direct, Pooling, etc., etc. without any luck.

Also the same machine hangs in some ocasion when it's closing down network connections after shut down.

Could you help us out?

Jose Savinon

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Printing from MS-Dos Pro ...

this sounds like severe network performance problem to me...did you try hooking up printer locally for a test to see snappy performance when the network is taken out of picture?
which dos program exactly please? autocad? and what printer exactly please?
any events on the server?
how about on the xp box?
how does the xp box perform on the network otherwise?
what is the windows firewall status on xp box?
what is the sp level of xp box and 2k server. i would start by updating everything to latest greatest in case this is not a compatibilty issue but a xp networking issue see?
did you find the executable for the dos program on the xp box and right-click it and choose msdos or win98 compatibility mode?

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by jkey122857 In reply to Printing from MS-Dos Pro ...

I use to have the same problem. I used DEVCON to correct the problem. You should run a copy of DEVCON. Go to the Microsoft site and download it. I use at my company to make my Win XP computers work properly on the network.

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by gera In reply to


I'm having this same problem. I know it has been a long time after this, but do you remember how you used devcon to solve this?

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Message has been deleted.

by magdy_salam In reply to Printing from MS-Dos Pro ...

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