Printing from MS-DOS to a USB Printer

By Joe909 ·

I have connected an old printer to my Windows XP computer using a parallel to USB cable. I used the net use command to link the USB port with LPT1. I have been trying to print a report from an MS-DOS program and the printer prints only one line per page. So, a report that used to be of two pages would be of 146 pages now. Any suggestions?


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have no idea

by DownRightTired In reply to Printing from MS-DOS to a ...

but am curious as to why your printing from dos?

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DOS Drivers for printer

by ugadata In reply to Printing from MS-DOS to a ...

I presume the MS-DOS is a window within XP?

Have you ever printed this MS-DOS report to this printer in the past?

Does the DOS program support this printer? (a driver or a generic driver that will work with this printer)

The program needs to communicate properly with the printer (regardless of the port being used)
Now days programs hand all printer data off to Windows and Windows communicates to the printer. In DOS each program communicated directly with printer and each program had to have it own driver.

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RE:DOS Drivers for printer

by Joe909 In reply to DOS Drivers for printer

Yes. MS-DOS is a window within XP.

Yes. I had printed this MS-DOS report to this printer from my old computer which had XP Home but also had a parallel port to connect the printer cable.

Yes. The DOS program supports this printer.

How do I make the program and printer communicate with each other?

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Firstly with the current configuration I don't know if you can

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to RE:DOS Drivers for printe ...

DOS was never designed to work with any form of USB Device.

About the only thing that I can think of is to find a PCI to Parallel Port Card and use that. That should allow yo to print again if your M'Board will support the PCI Card and doesn't have all PCI X slots on it.

I'm betting that the USB to Parallel Device didn't come with any DOS Drivers so you are relying on Windows to try to make the printer work and it is currently only capable of sending 1 line per page and sort of work correctly.


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no other pring options?

by DownRightTired In reply to Firstly with the current ...

what kind of program are u using? is there now way to export the file, save it or print to a file? I cant remember the last time I printed from DOS. I must have been 13.... (yeh im a youngin). Can you pipe info in DOS or is that just linux?

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RE: no other print options?

by Joe909 In reply to no other pring options?

I don't know much about DOS commands myself as I don't use it very frequently. I am using this design software that our company had bought centuries ago.

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3 choices?

by ugadata In reply to DOS Drivers for printer

I agree with one of the other posts that adding a parallel port is probably your best option. Printing to a file or Redirecting the output to a file

If at all possible upgrade the program to a Windows version (strongly suggest going in this direction sometime in future, saves hair and prevents headaches)

Keep trying do something that neither was meant to do. (USB & DOS are like oil & water)

OK that said. Search on Google for USB DOS drivers. They do exist, may not work, but they do exist.
If one of the DOS USB drivers load OK, try printing again.
Also look into the MODE command. One of the options is to redirect printing from LPTx to COMx. Maybe after a USB DOS driver is loaded you could try USBx. This may work better than NET USE

Have you setup a shortcut to start the program or Do you start a DOS box and then run the program from the command line? You could try setting the compatibility mode for the shortcut (maybe Windows95)

Can't say I can think of much else at this point.

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3 choices?

by Joe909 In reply to 3 choices?

Thanks ugadata,

I searched on Google for USB to DOS drivers and found one here for free:
After installing this on the computer I had to change the print processor setting from LEMF to TEXT to print from MS-DOS. It worked.
Thanks again.

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Message has been deleted.

by magdy_salam In reply to Printing from MS-DOS to a ...
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Printing from DOS to USB

by alonroz In reply to Printing from MS-DOS to a ...

You can try using a program called Tao ExDOS Lite:

It allows printing to any printer, PDF and multifunction as well.

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