Printing from Outlook 2003 (after installing IE 7)

By ksvijayb ·
After installing internet explorer 7, some of the emails printed from Outlook 2003 are very very small in size.

When the same email is printed from a computer with IE 6, it works fine.

I have this problem ONLY in those computers/notebooks for which I have installed IE 7.

Any solution to rectify this is much appreciated.


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I also have the same Problem

by david In reply to Printing from Outlook 200 ...

I am also having the same problem any suggestions would be useful.

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IE& Outlok2003 printing headers issue

by matt_rushworth In reply to Printing from Outlook 200 ...

I resolved this problem by going into FILE.PAGE_SETUP and found that the email was in letter format rather than A4. I swapped this and it printed ok after that. I did actually try printing it in ladscape prior to Portraite but it worked boith ways. Hope this helps


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Printing from Outlook 2003 (after installing IE 7) possible solution

by goodwin9 In reply to Printing from Outlook 200 ...

I'm experiencing the same problem on an XP machine with IE7 & outlook 2003 plus all updates.

One temporary workaround I found was to save the email as an HTML file using File/Save As and then open it using IE. Next choose File/Print preview and change the print size at the top from 'Shrink to fit' to 100% and then print it.

Hope this is of use.

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by info In reply to Printing from Outlook 200 ...

We had a similar problem with some e-mails. After some 'hard' work with fixes and regestry I took the liberty to look into the source-code of several e-mails. I found the following:

The e-mails that printed fine, were e-mails that were send from within our network. Those e-mails do not leave the building. The others did. And with leaving the building, our disclaimer was added at the bottum. The disclaimer seemd to course the problem. Within the source-code I found the PRE-tag, which forced IE7 to print the disclaimer on only 1 line. We removed the tag and the mail printed perfectly. Some additional testing showed the same result.

I do not know if this solves all the problems, but it worked for us.

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