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    Printing in Terminal Server Session


    by sser ·


    How can I map a printer from a Printers Server in a Terminal Server Session?? The problem is that the Terminal Server isn’t in my net.


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      Use TSAC

      by danm ·

      In reply to Printing in Terminal Server Session

      You can use the Terminal Services Advanced Client to print only to a local printer. You can assign LPT1 to the printer and should be able to print. I don’t believe that you can print locally using just the TS Client.

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        Printing through TSAC

        by anton.heyns ·

        In reply to Use TSAC

        Hi Dan

        My name is Anton and I`m quite interested in the printing through T/S. I was under the impression that you had to use Citrix to use local devices like printers. We use the normal t/s client and just use the UNC name to add the printer on the Terminal Server itself. So if we`re running a 192.168.0.* internal IP address range and the remote site is running 192.168.30.* we would add the printer sitting on a client workstation on the T/S as \\\hp_share for instance which is horrendously slow. How would the setup work through the TSAC ?. My e-mail address is I really would appreciate some information regarding this.


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      Terminal Services printing

      by judgej ·

      In reply to Printing in Terminal Server Session

      Hello sser, Can you give more info.
      Where are you connecting to the ts from?
      Where is the printer you need to print to?
      How are the 2 networks connected?

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      TS Printing

      by mike @ geeks! ·

      In reply to Printing in Terminal Server Session

      Well, I had a nice long version to help you out but the TR site timed out and I lost my text. GRRR…

      Anyway, go here and get the newest RDP client, which supports TS printing:

      Ihad a lot of trouble with the TS client 5.00 and earlier. Once I installed the newest RDP client and made sure that printer redirection was enabled (options within RDP client’s properties) I had no problem.

      quick notes:
      Lexmark and All-in-one’s gave us a lot of headaches, due to their print manager software. We?ve had success with HP DeskJet 900 series printers. Try to keep it simple, whatever brand you choose.

      No problem using the above-mentioned printers with USB or parallel.

      If your client connects to the TS but their local printer doesn’t show up then make sure you have the proper drivers loaded on your server. When in the printer window Go to File|Server Properties then click on the Drivers Tab and add the necessary driver).

      Hope that helps you!

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