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By Gordinho ·
Hi, We've just come across an odd printing issue. Windows 2003 AD domain with a number of network printers attached to some of the file and print servers in the array. One particular file repository contains a number of PDF documents that were previously printing ok,however, yesterday when a user attempted to print one of the PDF's the print job did not spool on the server and a file was created in the directory in which the "To be printed document" resides. The file has no extension and the file name is the IP address of the printer to which the print job was sent.

1)I thought it might be a right's issue but that doesn't appear to be the case.

2)The printer isn't defaulting to "Print to file"

like I say, printing any docs from this directory was ok until yesterday and no changes were made in the win32 environment that might have a knock on effect.

Anyone come across this? cheers in advance


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Need more info...

by julian.bennett In reply to printing issue

1stly, can you successfully print the document to another printer? Can you print other documents to the printer in question? Need to see if the issue is with the document or the printer... Is this issue specific to the user?

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re: printing issue

by Gordinho In reply to Need more info...

Right, I'm putting it down to being an issue within citrix (should have mentioned that in the 1st post I guess. The user who raised the issue initially is a remote user coming in on an ICA client with print jobs being sent to her local printer over a VPN.)

I can print the document to any printer whilst logged on at any desktop on the LAN, however, if I log on a citrix session then I cannot print the document to any printer.

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printer drivers...

by julian.bennett In reply to re: printing issue

you need to ensure that the citrix servers have the print drivers loaded for any printer a user might bring into their citrix session... I assume that you allow the users default printer to be mapped to the citrix session, in this case if the citrix server does not have the drivers for this mapped printer, then the user will be unable to print!

make sure you replicate the driver to all servers in the farm.

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by Gordinho In reply to printer drivers...

'aye, the citrix machines already have drivers for the pshyical print devices at the remote stations...the system was working and then ceased to work..I'll post back when I've had a chance to figure it back...cheers anyway


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