Printing Microsoft Access Report as pdf to specific folder

By fgross ·
I have designed a Microsoft Access report which is specified to print to the pdf printer. The code for this action works well, but I am trying to automate the process so that the code can determine which folder to place the file in, determine a file name, and to perform all of these actions without the user seeing a print box requiring any user interaction. I am looking for a method to automate this process.

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Printing to File from MS Access

by kermit In reply to Printing Microsoft Access ...

yes, good question. that is, how to automate printing files (specifically pdf's) when the printer driver wants to pop up a dialog box to ask for the output file name. so far, I have found the following links.

I'm wondering if there is a straighforward way to do this, WITHOUT using SendKeys, and WITHOUT purchasing a 3rd party control.

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The magical solution

by techrepublic In reply to Printing to File from MS ...

Check out
They have a virtual printer solution like many others (CuteFTP, ...). The difference is that this printer checks some ini files for settings. One file (settings.ini) is per user, another (runonce.ini) can be defined from VB(A) (by some bullzip dll calls or throught standard ini file methods) and is deleted after one usage. In this ini file you can tell where to put the pdf, how to name it, you can merge with pre-existing pdf's or even overlay them.
And the magical part: it's free (according to the site free for non-commercial usage, according to the installation process free for any usage.)

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