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Printing Multiple copy reports in Access 2003

By bdoiron ·
I have a custom Access application that handles my companie's Inventory and Invoicing. We are in the process of converting the Invoice report from a dot matrix to a laser printer. This invoice also is used as a delivery ticket which is signed by the customer requiring the laser invoice form to be carbonless. I found a 5 part carbonless laser form that works great and I have been able to use code to print the 5 copies and non-coallated using the PRINTOUT method. I am trying to go with a completely blank invoice form. I have ran into an issue with trying to print on the bottom of the report what each five copies are designated for. For example on Page one copy one I want to print "Original" then on Page one copy two I want to print "File Copy" and so on till all five copies of page one are complete. Then continue this process on page two until all pages have been printed..
This is the code I am using to print the five copies.

DoCmd.OpenReport "InvoiceLaserDiscount", acViewPreview, , "[Invoice No] = Forms![Invoices]![Invoice No]"
DoCmd.PrintOut , , , , 5, False
DoCmd.Close acReport, "InvoiceLaserDiscount"

If I could retrieve a variable of some kind of which copy it was
printing. That way I could print the hide or show the correct label at the bottom of the report as each copy prints...

Can anyone help me with a programming approach to accomplish this. You help with this would be greatly appreciated.

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